Comprehensive Guide about What is GOSI and Why is Important in Saudi?

gosi contract

You must have a GOSI contract to qualify for Saudi Arabia social insurance benefits. Additionally, you should know that both workers and employers must be aware of the obligation to contribute to this insurance. This way, workers and companies can maintain compliance with the labor regulations of the country. In this article, we will show […]

Understanding Withholding Tax in Saudi Arabia KSA

Withholding tax Saudi Arabia, is a critical component of the country’s taxation system. It plays a pivotal role in generating government revenue. Indeed, a globally recognized mechanism, is essential for efficient tax collection. It ensures that a portion of a taxpayer’s income is withheld by a third party and then remitted directly to the tax […]

The Complete Guide to Obtaining Your Saudi Iqama Number

The Iqama number is the number of the Iqama card, assigned to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. In this work or residence visa, there is information about the employee regarding the type of work. Also, contains the details of the employer that has sponsored the entry of the applicant. In this article, we will find […]

What is SAGIA License and Why is Important for Business in Saudi Arabia?

SAGIA license

Applying for the SAGIA license is a simple process and has many benefits if you are starting a business in KSA. This license is very important to carry out your commercial operations without legal inconveniences of any kind. Currently, it has changed its name from SAGIA to MISA but retains the same attributes as its […]

How to Start a Limited Liability Company in Saudi Arabia?

Limited Liability Company

Are you interested in entrepreneurship and want to start a business in Saudi Arabia? One of the most popular business structures you can consider is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC combines the advantages of a corporation and a partnership, providing members with limited liability protection. In this article, we will walk you through […]