If you are an expatriate and suffered the Iqama lost, you will have to report it immediately, pay the fine, and apply for a new one. Thus, if you lose it and do nothing, you will not be able to live in Saudi Arabia and you will receive a sanction. Therefore, you must take great care with this document and keep it safe with you.

In this article, you will learn the information you will need if you ever lose your document in the country. In the same way, you will know the current processes to apply for the Iqama again.

Fee and Penalties of Iqama Lost

iqama lost

The lost Iqama penalty 2022 depends on the time it takes to report the loss to the relevant authorities. Additionally, if you report the theft within 24 hours of the event, you will not have to pay a fee. Next, you will see what the rates are for loss or theft of Iqama:

  • Losing the Iqama for the first time, you will pay a SAR 1000 fine.
  • He lost for the second time, SAR 2000 fine.
  • If you lose the Iqama for the third time, you will pay a fine of SAR 3,000.

News about the Iqama lost

Regarding the Saudi Iqama lost, the authorities have observed a rise in thefts of this document for resale. Likewise, the increase in extortion by gangs that are sometimes dedicated to counterfeits as well. Therefore, the authorities have implemented drastic measures to combat this criminal activity at its roots.

Part of the new measures is that the government eliminated the collection of fines from foreigners for the theft of residential permits. Likewise, it implemented measures that make it easier for expatriates to obtain a new document at the Passport Offices. However, there is a condition, do not lose the document again due to negligence and, if it is stolen, report it within 24 hours.

Local authorities believe that the permits are negotiated by some African expatriates residing in Jiddah. Thus, it is precisely in this place that the authorities have traced most of the lost or stolen Iqama. In addition, expatriates often go to this place to try to recover lost or misplaced documents.

Consequently, expatriates do not report the incident, so the authorities indicate that they should report it instead of going to this place.

Police action on the Iqama robbery

If you are thinking, what will I do if I lost my Iqama? the answer is very easy, report to Jiddah Police. Simply because the police expect your cooperation, as well as that of all expatriates, to stop these criminal gangs. Furthermore, these gangs do not have a fixed place of operation, so the police patrol periodically to catch them.

Similarly, an expatriate reported that he was contacted to request a payment of SAR 1000 for the return of the lost document. However, it turned out that the Iqama was found by someone else. Consequently, there was no complaint because the expatriate considered that it was not necessary since he already had his document.

However, the police have continued raids to curb illegal activities regarding Iqama. Likewise, the agents captured many of them in recent years, which has been increasing.

On the other hand, the Iqama is a document considered by the expatriates to be very valuable while they live in Saudi territory. Hence, many of them consider the possibility of paying for the Iqama lost. Therefore, they do not file complaints because they believe they will have to pay a fine for theft.

Measures announced by the Ministry of the Interior for theft or loss of the Iqama

The Ministry stated that people must file a report for the loss or theft of the Iqama within the first 24 hours of the incident. Likewise, it will have to be accompanied by a written statement from the sponsor, stating how it was lost and the location. Consequently, you will not have to pay any fine for this reason.

In addition, government law says that if the loss or theft occurred in Mecca or Medina, or on public transportation, you can request it without fines. However, the expatriate will have to truly prove the loss due to the theft of the Iqama.

How to Pay for Iqama Lost or Stolen?

When you suffer the Saudi Iqama lost, you will have several options to comply with the payment of the fine. Next, you will learn what these methods are:

Paying Fine Through E-banking

In Saudi Arabia, the government updated its systems so that Saudi citizens and foreigners can pay the fine through electronic banking. In the same way, they can make any queries they require through the website. Likewise, the payment of fines for the Iqama lost can be made through the bank account as you will see below:

  1. First, log in to your online banking account.
  2. Now, on your mobile phone screen, click on PAYMENTS. Not all banks follow the same payment procedures, so you should find out what the process is like for you.
  3. Then, the payment drop-down list will appear where you will select the SADAD option.
  4. Now, you will see several options but click on the Government Payment and Refund option.
  5. Then select REPLACE IQAMA.
  6. On the top left side and under Iqama ID, you will see the option to pay registration.
  7. Next, click on pay registration and then write your Iqama number in front of IQAMA ID.
  9. You will then see the fine of SAR 1000 in the Fare Amount block.
  10. Subsequently, to continue with the procedure, click ACCEPT.
  11. Finally, you will see a message on the screen that typically says Dear customer, your payment has been received successfully.

However, if any of the details are not correct, cancel the process and start again from the first step. Now, if everything is fine, click on the CONFIRM button and you will have completed the payment of the fee. Additionally, you will receive the details of the document on your mobile phone.

Paying Fine Through ATM Machine

You will also be able to pay the fine for the Iqama lost through the ATMs that you must go to in person. However, this method is very simple for fine payment transactions. Below, is a step by step to paying the fine through the ATM:

  1. Enter your card at the ATM and select the English language.
  2. Then, type your account number or code.
  3. Now, check what your available balance is. To do this, click on BALANCE INQUIRY.
  4. You will need to have at least SAR 1000 or more, otherwise, deposit this amount at the ATM and click DEPOSIT.
  5. Next, on the screen you will see the recent deposit of SAR 1000, so, press the button


  1. Then, select the BILL PAY button.
  2. Next, you will see multiple options but click on MOI and then Alien Control.
  3. Now, again several options will appear, from which you will select, NEXT and then REPLACE IQAMA.
  4. Then, select the option to Pay and enter your Iqama number/ID.
  5. If the operation has been successful, you will see your valid Iqama ID and the fee amount on the next screen.
  6. Next, click on PAY EXACTLY and choose the YES option and you are done.

Lost your Saudi Iqama? We will show you a Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do Next

iqama lost

There are several things you will be able to do when faced with the Iqama lost. First, file a report with the police, then pay the fee for the lost document and obtain a new document. Thus, if you do not follow these steps, you will have legal consequences and you will have to pay the fine. If you are an employer, consider that your employees will need the Iqama to move freely in Saudi Arabia.

If your employee has to travel outside the country, you have to keep the Iqama of your workers until he or she returns. Likewise, if it is damaged, you can replace it with the same validity date as the previous Iqama. Below are the detailed steps of what you should do after losing the document:

Information your Sponsor

As a first step, inform the sponsor about the loss of your document if you cannot find it after a reasonable search. Likewise, in the search, the sponsor must be involved, which may be the following:

File a Complaint

Now, file the complaint, for which you will have a new resource regarding how to report lost Iqama in Absher. Below are the steps to file a complaint:

  1. To report missing Iqama, get a PDF and log in to your Absher account. Click on SERVICES and then MY SERVICES.
  2. Select the PASSPORTS option.
  3. Then click on Tawasul or Family Iqama.
  4. On the next screen, press the NEW REQUEST button.
  5. Now, make the Application for Family Iqama–Tawasul.
  6. Next, select the following settings to report lost Iqama for dependents in Saudi Arabia.
  7. Then change the page language to Arabic.
  8. Sector: خدمات للمقيمين داخل المملكة .
  9. Service: الإبلاغ عن فقدان أو تلف هوية مقيم.
  10. Now, make a description of the application explaining how you lost your residence permit.
  11. Afterward, attach the PDF file you created above.
  12. Additionally, you can use an online PDF compressor that will reduce the file size.
  13. Please note that the PDF file name will need to be a single word with no spaces. Also, avoid illegal special characters, such as,! or ?, among others and it will be ready.

Make a police report

In case of theft and Iqama lost, go immediately to the nearest police station accompanied by the sponsor if theft is reported. In the same way, the police will have to prepare a document specifying how the document was lost. However, if the loss was not due to theft, you will not need a police report.

Fees for Lost Iqama

In SADAD there is no tab for a lost Iqama fee, so you will be able to continue the Iqama payment process. In the same way, the amount will appear in passport deposits as soon as they verify the available funds.

Arrangement Required Documents

If you are a sponsor, you can get a new Iqama for your employee by visiting the Jawazat portal, with documents in hand. Now, if you are a dependent, you must create a file with the documents that we will indicate below:

  • Appointment on Jawazat for resident services.
  • Ia Iqama form and complete it in Arabic.
  • If necessary, a Police Report.
  • Payment of the fee for the replacement of Iqama.
  • Photocopy of the Iqama of the dependent and the passport of the dependent.
  • Photocopy of the Iqama of the head of the family and the passport of the head of the family.

Visit Jawazat Office

To request the issuance of the document, submit the following requirements at the Jawazat office Iqama:

  • The appointment of Jawazat to provide services to residents.
  • Download and fill out the Jawazat application form for Iqama.
  • If required, a copy of the police report.
  • Copy of passport and old Iqama.
  • 2 passport-size photos.
  • The receipt of the Iqama replacement fee.

Finally, if everything is in order, you will get your copy of Iqama printed on the same day. However, sometimes it may take 24 to 72 hours maximum.

Getting New Iqama

Once you have done all the previous steps, you will receive proof via message on your device that the request has been resolved. Now, to replace the lost Iqama, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Absher account and log in.
  3. Now, click on PASSPORTS.
  4. Then, at the TAWASUL SERVICE.
  5. Click CONSULT for requests.
  6. Then select the family Iqama procedure.
  7. Tawasul application imprint.
  8. With all the aforementioned documents, book an appointment at Jawazat for Resident Services.
  9. Then the Jawazat officer will print your Iqama.

How can you not Lose Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

In the case of the Iqama, you must have it on hand at all times if the authorities request it while you remain in the country. Remember that this document is vital for your legal stay in the Kingdom and to carry out important activities. Therefore, keep it in a safe place in your clothing, especially in congested places.

Final Thoughts

The Iqama lost in Saudi Arabia represents a worrying situation for a foreigner in the country. Therefore, you should make sure to file a report immediately, as failure to do so may result in fines. In addition, you must replace it immediately so that you can continue working and living peacefully in the country.

Finally, if you would like to know more, or would like any help, just contact us and we will do our best to support you and meet your needs.

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