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We recognize how confusing interacting with government agencies makes you feel. We make it easier for you to get a Business license in Saudi Arabia, so you may operate successfully in the region. Consequently, we help you obtain a license or help you renew it, reducing fees and expenditures.
With us, you can obtain your online business license quickly. Due to our team’s support, you will be establishing your business presence and trading in the KSA. We offer complete licensing solutions for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating the intricate licensing scene in Saudi Arabia with ease.

Get to know all the Types of Business Licenses we Offer

Trade License

Start your business in the region with a Saudi Trade License

Tourism License

Stablish your tourist enterprise legally with a tourism license

E Commerce License

Start an online shop while holding e-commerce license

Commercial License

Start trading your goods and services in KSA with this license

Cost of Saudi Business License

Cost of Saudi Business License

Acquire your business license with us and forget about the extra costs. The license fee will vary according to the type of business and license necessary.

Competitive Rates

Timeline for Business License

With our support, you can obtain the assistance you need to manage the timeline to obtain your business license.

Cost of Saudi Business License

Know About Business License in Saudi Arabia

Let our team give you the information you need before obtaining your license in the KSA. Therefore, you can have the necessary knowledge to succeed in the area.

Let Us Guide You Through The Process of Saudi Arabia License


Get in touch and obtain all the information about how to get business license in Saudi Arabia. Then, let us know your needs and request our services.


We will give you the support you need to select the proper activity that goes with the type of business you want to start.

Company Registration

We will give you the necessary assistance to register your business. Also, we will help you compile the necessary documents for the application process.


Our team will give you support to select the type of business space that goes according to the image you want to convey in the area.


Once you have all the documents, we will help you submit the application. Once the approval for the application is in place, you can get business license online.

Ongoing Support

We will give you the assistance you need even before you obtain your business license in the KSA. Therefore, you can have a key partner so your company can succeed in the area.

How We Will Assist You?

When obtaining your Saudi Arabia business license, we will help you navigate the steps and keep compliancy.

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    Get To Know

    List of Activities You Can Perform in Saudi Arabia With Business License

    Now that you know how to get online business license, you will be able to select the activity that goes according to your license. Establish your business in Saudi Arabia with our assistance and forget about the hassles of managing a company by yourself. We are the best partner you can have for your business endeavors.

    • Retail and wholesale of used and new vehicles
    • Trading of raw materials
    • Sale of beverages and food
    • Sale of clothing and textiles
    • Technology sale
    • Sale of cosmetics
    • Sale of pharmaceuticals and more
    • Tourism and travel services
    • Accommodation facilities management
    • Tourism accommodation facilities
    • Private tourism accommodation
    • Tourism guidance
    • Tourism consultancy
    • Experimental activities
    • Electronic retail business
    • IT and computers
    • Brokerage and real estate
    • Advisory
    • Information and professional activities and more
    • Wholesale of beverage and food
    • Beverage and food centers
    • Trade of healthy and special food
    • Frozen food stores
    • Dry food stores and more


    Benefits of Business License in Saudi Arabia

    Business centers access

    Complete ownership

    Welcoming environment and tax support

    Access to new international markets

    Control of company operations