Tourism License
in Saudi Arabia KSA

Take advantage of the Tourism in Saudi Arabia to start a lucrative business with our support. You can run a successful tourism business in Saudi Arabia by letting us assist you with the application for a tourism license with our end-to-end solution.

What is Tourism/Tour Guide License in Saudi Arabia

The Tourism/Tour Guide License in Saudi Arabia allows you to guide and escort tourists across the Kingdom. You can become part of the thriving sector of Tourism Saudi Arabia and improve your income while enjoying the tourist attractions with your clients.

Our team of specialists guides you through each stage of the process since we have experience with the requirements and legal formalities to obtain a license.

Know About Tour Operator License

Start your business in the beautiful industry of tourism and make a good financial income with a Tour guide license. As a tour operator, you can show your skills and talents and earn more money by showing spectacular attractions to those interested in getting to know more about KSA.

Timeline for Tourism License

You can get your Tour operator license with us in no time. Since our experts have vast experience dealing with the formalities of license issuance, you can start your tourism enterprise right away because we help you save time with our streamlined process.

Cost of Travel & Tour License in Saudi Arabia

Set up your travel and tourism company in KSA with your Travel and tourism license. We provide a comprehensive solution and a tailored service that fits your budget. Moreover, since you will be part of one of the most lucrative sectors in the Kingdom, you can get a return on your investment in less time.

Let Us Guide You Through the Process of Saudi Arabia Tourism License

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Business activity

We help you select the business license that is aligned with the object of your company. Whether you want to be a tour guide or run an agency, we assist you with the best option.


We gather all the documentation you need for the application and ensure you meet the prerequisites for obtaining a business license.


Our team of specialists offers support with the registration of your company and with the required approvals as well.


We apply for the tourism license on your behalf. We ensure a fast process due to our error-free procedure.

License issuance

Once everything is approved, you can get your Tourism license and now you can start running your business in the Kingdom legally.

How We Will Assist You?

When obtaining your Saudi Arabia tourism license, we will help you navigate the steps and keep compliancy.

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    List of Activities you can perform under Saudi Arabia General Tour Operator License

    Travel and tourism are at the heart of the Kingdom as one of the most prosperous and popular industries. Thus, if you want to experience economic growth, you can start a tourism project in KSA by selecting among the several activities available.

    • Accommodation Unit Booking
    • Tour Operation
    • Travel and Tourism Agencies
    • General Travel and Tourism Services
    • Hotels
    • Heritage Hotels
    • Hotel Villas
    • Apartment Hotels
    • Serviced Apartments
    • Holiday Houses (Chalets)
    • Resorts
    • Hostels
    • Pop-up Accommodation Facilities
    • Camps
    • Category A
    • Category B
    • Category C
    • Category D
    • Tourism Guidance
    • Track Guide
    • Specialist Guide
    • Site Guide
    • Individual license
    • Office license (for business entities)

    Benefits of Tourism License in Saudi Arabia

    • Select among the variety of activities to carry out with your tour operator license
    • Become part of a flourishing industry in KSA
    • Make your tourism business grow in a thriving market
    • Take advantage of the trending tourism opportunities to improve your income
    • Easy and fast licensing process

    Document Required for Tourism License

    • Commercial registry (except for tourism guidance & consultancy for individuals)
    • Company name reservation
    • Municipal license 
    • National address
    • Applicant’s photograph
    • Accounts on the Unified Access Service (Absher)
    • Office lease (only for travel and tourism services, tourism accommodation facilities management& consultancy)


    Why choose us for Saudi Arabia Tour Operator License?

    Whether you want to work as a tour operator or you want to run a large tourism enterprise, we got you covered. We help you select among the several types of business activities so you can get your tourism operator license and earn money in a prosperous country.

    Our experienced business consultants provide valuable insight throughout the process

    We help you determine the proper activity based on the business you want to run

    We guide you through each stage of the process, from gathering documents to license issuance

    Our specialists are readily available to solve your inquiries