Food Establishment License
in Saudi Arabia

Get the chance to start your food business in Saudi Arabia with our assistance. Our experts can help you get your food establishment license so you can launch your successful food business legally. Whether you need a restaurant license or a cafe license, we got you covered.

Food Establishment License in Saudi Arabia
What is Food Establishment License in Saudi Arabia

What is Food Establishment License in Saudi Arabia

Become one of the booming food businesses in Saudi Arabia with the food business license. With this document, you can start your restaurant, café, or any other related establishment by applying for this license.

We can become your business partners by helping you get your food service establishment permit, so you can run your food business legally and in total compliance.

Food Service Establishment Permit

Food Service Establishment Permit

Being part of the food industry in Saudi Arabia can grant you several benefits. With our assistance, you do not have to go through the hassle of obtaining your permit, because we help you from start to end. From selecting your legal structure to going through all the required formalities.

Timeline for Restaurant License

Timeline for Restaurant License

A food business in Saudi Arabia is a lucrative venture, but if you do not want to deal with the requirements, you can leave that to us. Our specialists go through the process to obtain the license to sell food for you, so you can start your business in no time.

Food License Price/Cost

Opening your restaurant in Saudi Arabia may be complex. However, with our knowledge and deep expertise we can help you save time and money, and we will assist you in navigating all the challenges you may face. Moreover, we provide competitive rates for the food license cost.

Let Us Guide You Through The Process of Saudi Arabia License to Sell Food

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Contact us to receive a comprehensive solution suited to your requirements. We analyse your needs and help you solve your doubts about the process.

Create the business

Our consultants advise you on the best legal structure type for your food business, so you can take the most out of your new company.

Trade name

We help you register the trade name for your food business, ensuring it complies with all the guidelines established in the Kingdom.

License application

Once we have gathered all the documentation, we apply for the license so you can start operating legally in KSA.

Registration and approvals

Our team of specialists also takes care of registering your business and obtaining all the required approvals from the authorities.

Launch your business

Once you have your license and registration, you can start running your food business in KSA and experience considerable growth in this booming market.

How We Will Assist You?

When obtaining your Saudi Arabia food establishment license, we will help you navigate & keep compliancy.

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    List of Activities you can perform under Saudi Arabia Food Business License.

    With a food license, you can establish your business in one of the biggest consumer markets in the Middle East. With this license, you can start a company in the food and drink sector; consequently, reaping the benefits of it. Also, with our expert support you can easily select the activity that fits your business.

    List of Activities you can perform under Saudi Arabia Food Business License
    • You can start your wholesale company of food and beverage with this license.
    • Establish your beverage & food center with the food establishment license KSA.

    • Under the food establishment license, you can trade healthy and special food in the area.
    • Start selling frozen food with a food establishment license KSA.
    • Include dry food within your store with this license.
    • Open a café in the KSA with a food establishment license.
    • Start your restaurant under this proper food establishment license.

    Benefits of Food License in Saudi Arabia.

    • Work in an industry that offers high rewards
    • Get access to a sector that is flourishing
    • Turn your food business into a successful venture due to a favourable business environment
    • Tax benefits for investors
    • Live in KSA and enjoy its stable and safe environment
    • The food license renewal process is simple

    Document Requirements for Food License.

    • Payment of the food license price
    • Trade name registration
    • Proof of address
    • ID copy of all shareholders and directors
    • Passport copies of each shareholder
    • Bank reference letter
    • Articles of Association (AoA)
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
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    Why choose us for Saudi Arabia Food License?

    Set up your food business in Saudi Arabia easily with our support. We specialize in providing licenses and permits needed to open a restaurant to investors that want to work in one of the most profitable sectors in the Kingdom.

    A comprehensive solution so you can start your business right away

    Our team helps you build a successful food business by providing everything you need

    Forget about worrying about paperwork, we handle it on your behalf.

    Get a solution tailored to your requirements to run your business smoothly