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With its new tourist visa, along with many more visa services, Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to the rest of the globe. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about and experience Saudi Arabia’s warm hospitality, rich legacy, lively culture, and diverse and magnificent landscapes.

In the past, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was mostly closed to the outside world, and the only foreigners who were able to obtain a visa were Muslim pilgrims, business tourists, or foreign workers and their families.

Now, however, the country has just begun granting Tourist e-visas to visitors from a variety of nations via an online process. The e-visa for Saudi Arabia came into existence to enhance tourism and diversify the country’s economy away from oil. Subsequently, let us take a look at the many visa services and options that the country offers and how you can apply for them!

Visit the wonders of the Kingdom with our visa services for tourists

By offering the option of this tourist visa services, Saudi Arabia is welcoming the rest of the world with open arms. Subsequently, international visitors from 49 eligible countries can apply for an e-visa online and experience what Saudi Arabia has to offer. Starting with the Abha Mountains to the Red Sea beaches and the beautiful sands of the Empty Quarter.

This visa will allow people to remain in the country for 90 days. Additionally, it is a one-year, multiple entry visa, covering activities related to tourism and Umrah. However, it does not allow student activities You can apply for these visa services with us at any time.

Eligibility for an e-visa

Tourists from 49 countries can apply for a tourist visa in advance of their journey through our quick and easy-to-use visa services, or at immigration kiosks once they arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Tourists from other countries should contact Saudi embassies and consulates to apply for a consulate visa. On arrival, holders of US, UK, or Schengen visas can apply for the visa.

What are the requirements to apply for your e-visa?

Travelers who want to apply for an e-visa in Saudi Arabia must have the following documents:

  • A valid passport. The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the visa application. It should also include at least one blank page.
  • Photo of a digital passport. The applicant must ensure that the digital passport photo is current and meets all passport photo criteria (white background, no glasses, and face towards the camera)
  • Valid email address. Given the fact that the electronic visa to Saudi Arabia will be transmitted to you through email, the applicant must supply the right email address.
  • Purpose of the visit. The applicant may have to show proof of his or her travel purpose or itinerary (daily activities) in Saudi Arabia.
  • Address of Residency. The candidate will have to provide his Saudi Arabian address. (For instance, a hotel address or a relative’s address.)
  • Payment Options. To finish the payment at the end of the application, it is necessary to have a valid credit/debit card. 
  • Sustenance sources. The candidate must show that he can support himself financially in Saudi Arabia. As a result, a bank statement for the last six months can work as a source of support.
  • Ticket for the return flight The applicant must present his or her return ticket upon arrival, or offer confirmation that he or she has the financial means to purchase one.

Validity and Fees

All visit visas, including e-visa, Visa-on-Arrival, and Consulate Visas, have fees of SAR 300, plus SAR 180 including VAT for the new complete medical insurance that covers COVID-19 therapy, for a total of SAR 480.

The length of time a visa is valid is determined by its category. A single entrance visa permits you to stay for one month, whereas a multiple entry visa allows you to stay for up to three months in Saudi Arabia.

A multiple entry visa is only valid for three months, regardless of how many times you leave and return to the country during that time.

Visa services for investors: Set up your business here with us!

The Saudi Arabian government currently issues investor-class visa services through the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA). The purpose is to facilitate and encourage foreign investment in the country. Many other nations offer comparable investment-based visas as a path to permanent residency and ultimate citizenship as a selling feature to overseas investors. However, the Saudi Arabian investment class visa only allows for a limited stay (through an Iqama, a residency permit).

Whether foreign workers, visitors, students, or religious pilgrims, all entry visas to Saudi Arabia are transitory. Immigrants are viewed as ex-pats and temporary residents. In that sense, visitors would still need sponsorship from a company or organization to enter the country. There is no unified government entity in charge of supervising immigration into the country. That is why separate branches of government regulate immigrant type entry applications and visas independently within their jurisdiction. For example, Saudi Arabian embassies around the world issue haj and Umrah visas. They are subject to annual quota limits for visas issued by the Ministry of Haj. On the other hand, enterprises seeking to hire foreign workers must first apply to the Ministry of Labor.

The opportunity to self-sponsor using their firms, rather than relying on a third-party or individual Saudi Arabian sponsor, is the most significant benefit for foreign investors who enter the country on investor visas. The Kafala system, which is in place in some form or another in most GCC countries (except for Bahrain, which has its own Labor Market Regulation Authority), ties a foreign citizen to a local sponsor who applies for residency on his or her behalf, allowing the foreigner to legally remain in the country.

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For a government visa, you must receive an invitation from a Saudi Arabian government department or institution. For example, a government hospital, university, ministry, etc. To get one, you will need a letter from the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry stating that your visa application has been granted. Some other requirements you will need to present are: 

  • Your passport (valid for at least six months and with two blank pages facing each other). 
  • Two passport-sized photographs (with a white backdrop and taken lately).
  • Fill out the application for a Saudi Business visa.
  • Original letter of support/introduction from your firm/department. If the letter is from a business, it must be properly certified by the pertaining authorities of your country.
  • A letter from your Saudi sponsor inviting you to apply for a visa
  • Read the Declaration form and sign it.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    For a government visa, you must receive an invitation from a Saudi Arabian government department or institution. For example, a government hospital, university, ministry, etc. To get one, you will need a letter from the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry stating that your visa application has been granted. Some other requirements you will need to present are: 

    • Your passport (valid for at least six months and with two blank pages facing each other). 
    • Two passport-sized photographs (with a white backdrop and taken lately).
    • Fill out the application for a Saudi Business visa.
    • Original letter of support/introduction from your firm/department. If the letter is from a business, it must be properly certified by the pertaining authorities of your country.
    • A letter from your Saudi sponsor inviting you to apply for a visa
    • Read the Declaration form and sign it.

    Travelers must get a visa from the Saudi consulate or mission in their country to visit the KSA. This applies to bearers of diplomatic passports as well. Diplomatic passports are international identification documents issued by a country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomats, such as country heads, high-ranking public ministers, ambassadors, and other government officials, as well as their families, who are required to travel to other countries on behalf of their government for an official purpose.

    Applicants must have a diplomatic passport and a letter of invitation from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive a Saudi Arabian Diplomatic Visa (MOFA). Both of these documents must be submitted to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London when applying for a visa. The goal of travel should be strictly tied to the government.

    For travel to the Kingdom, the Embassy grants two types of diplomatic visa services. A single-entry visa with a three-month validity term and a multiple-entry visa with a six-month validity period allow the visa holder to enter and exit the Kingdom several times.

    Hire our business visa services in Saudi Arabia with Company Formation Saudi

    This Saudi visa will allow you to go to Saudi Arabia for brief periods for business meetings, discussions, and training. A three-month single-entry Saudi visa or a six-month multiple-entry Saudi visa is available. During each visit, you have the option of staying for up to 30 days. Saudi visa policy will determine whether a single or multiple entry visa will be necessary.

    What are the requirements for a business visa?

    • Visa order form 
    • Completed application
    • 2 passport-size pictures
    • Passport with at least 6 months validity and two clean pages adjacent to each other
    • Employer Support Letters from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce or the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs are required by the Saudi government. Please keep in mind that the letter must be a physical duplicate of the original. If your job is outside of Saudi Arabia, the letter must be legalized by the Saudi embassy in the country where you registered.

    Work in Saudi Arabia with our employment visa services

    Those planning to work in Saudi Arabia soon will need a Saudi Work Visa, which allows them to live and work in the kingdom full-time. You must have a work offer to advance, and you will be expected to present the employment contract, as well as official invitations and medical information. You will need to apply for the Iqama once you arrive in Saudi Arabia.

    Employees will require a sponsor in Saudi Arabia to secure a visa. The majority of the application process is handled by the sponsoring employer. However, the prospective employee must provide all the necessary documentation.

    To acquire an employment visa, you will need the following documents:

    • Valid passport for the duration of the job.
    • Passport-sized color photograph
    • Evidence of payment of the visa cost via the Enjazit website.
    • Completed visa services application
    • Signed medical report in three copies
    • Letter of employment from the sponsoring company in Saudi Arabia, which must be certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Copy of the employment contract that has been signed
    • A certified copy of the applicant’s academic diploma, which the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission must authenticate.
    • Any criminal record’s police report
    • A pre-paid, addressed envelope

    Obtain residency and residency premium visa services with Company Formation Saudi

    As part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 reform strategy, Saudi Arabia created the “Premium Residency Program” in 2019. Certain ex-pats can now live in Saudi Arabia without the need for sponsorship under this program. Ex-pats usually have permission only to reside and work in Saudi Arabia if they are sponsored by a Saudi employer. Visas are required to enter and exit the nation. However, eligible ex-pats will have a slew of additional rights under the new system, including:

    • The Saudi Arabian resident visa grants you the right to stay in the country.
    • Right to sponsor family members for residence and visit visa services
    • In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you have the right to own property and a private automobile.
    • Right to invest in Saudi Arabian corporations, work in private firms, and change occupations (except those limited to Saudi Arabia citizens)
    • Right to hire foreign labor
    • Without the consent of a sponsor, you have the right to leave and return to Saudi Arabia whenever you want.

    Ex-pats can choose between permanent and renewable temporary residency under the scheme. The candidate must be at least 21 years old, possess a valid passport, have a clean criminal past, be financially secure, and have medical reports verifying fitness. The government hopes to recruit affluent and skilled persons to the country through the initiative, such as entrepreneurs, doctors, investors, engineers, and bankers. Individuals who have already resided in the Kingdom for a while on temporary visas and have decided to establish a base in the Kingdom will benefit from the plan.

    To bring newly-born babies into Saudi Arabia, residence visas for newborn babies are available. The child must be under the age of one year.

    You will need the following items to process the Newborn Residency visa services:

    • Valid biometric passport with at least one additional blank page for exit and entry stamps and a double blank page for biometric data.
    • Filled-out application form
    • Signed consent form (signed by parents)
    • 2 white background photographs
    • Childbirth certificate legalized by the Saudi Embassy
    • Original passport and copy of exit re-entry visa for mother
    • A copy of the parents’ Iqama

    A Saudi exit/re-entry visa is necessary for beneficiaries with family members or domestic workers outside of Saudi Arabia, as well as employees who intend to leave Saudi Arabia and return within a certain time frame.

    Requirements for employees 

    In addition to the visa services period, personnel applying for a Saudi self-exit/re-entry visa must have an Iqama valid for three months. Furthermore, please note that a Saudi self-exit/re-entry visa has a maximum validity of 30 days.

    Requirements for dependents

    The conditions and requirements for applying for a Saudi exit/re-entry visa for dependents are as follows:

    • Passport validity of three months after the visa expires.
    • For the “duration in days” choice for Single ER Visa, the Iqama validity must be equal to or more than the visa duration, plus 90 days.
    • Exit/re-entry visas are only valid for a maximum of 7 days after the Iqama expires.
    • No unpaid violations.

    Family visit visa services: Looking to come and see your loved ones? This is how we can help!

    The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is a platform that provides several types of visas to citizens and residents. Moreover, the family visit visa, issued by the MOFA, allows immediate family members of legal residents or nationals of Saudi Arabia who live outside the country to visit their relatives in the Kingdom. This is just one of the many visa services we can offer you.

    On behalf of the guest, only a legal Saudi resident or citizen with an Iqama can apply for a family visit visa. The Iqama must be valid for at least four months for this to work.

    In Saudi Arabia, the Iqama holder must begin the MOFA family visit visa application process. Please keep in mind that the Iqama holder’s dependents cannot apply for a visit visa using their own Iqamas. To apply for a MOFA family visit visa, you’ll need the following documents:

    • A copy of the Iqama holder’s passport as a sponsor
    • Valid international passport with at least 6 months remaining validity.
    • 4 passport-size pictures and a copy of the sponsor’s Iqama or residency permit
    • Apostilled copy of the applicant’s national identification card.
    • You may need to apostille your marriage certificate.

    Allow us to assist you with our companion visa services

    The Saudi Arabia Escort Companion Visa is an alternative if you want to visit family in Saudi Arabia. Companion visas, on the other hand, do not allow the applicant permission to work or remain in Saudi Arabia.

    The requirements to obtain a companion visa are the following:

    • Original passport with at least 2 consecutive empty visa pages, valid for at least 6 months.
    • Completed online application and payment for your visa
    • Paid health insurance
    • Proof of kinship: a copy of the marriage certificate for couples; a copy of the birth certificate for children.
    • Document proving the applicant’s residency in their country of origin
    • A letter from the main traveler requesting that his or her immediate family members be added to his or her visa.
    • A copy of the principal traveler’s valid Saudi national ID
    • Minors (under the age of 18) traveling alone or with one parent must provide a notarized letter of authorization signed by both parents or legal guardians in Arabic or English.

    Bear in mind that only Saudi citizens’ spouses and children are eligible for this sort of visa.

    Acquire Hajj and Umrah visa services with our company

    Visa services for the Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage) are only valid for travel within the vicinities of Jeddah, Mecca, and Medina, as well as between these towns. However, these visas do not allow you to work or live in the country. Hajj visas are issued from Mid-Shawwal to the 25th Dhual-Qa’dah of each year, whereas Umrah visas are available any time of the year.

    To receive a paper consular visa, you must submit your visa services application to the nearest embassy to your home. However, make sure to contact the consulate first, as certain consulates only accept Hajj visa applications submitted through licensed travel companies. Lastly, to avoid any fraudulent activity, examine the list before accepting any travel agent offers.

    These are the requirements you must fulfill to apply for these visas:

    • A passport document with validity for half a year more
    • One recent color passport photo with a white background (some travel agents require 2),
    • Completed application form, either handwritten or printed in black ink
    • A roundtrip ticket and confirmed hotel reservations or proof of lodging.
    • Proof of meningitis and ACYW135 immunization.
    • For pilgrimage services, 2 certified checks or cashier checks payable to the ‘Unified Agents Office’ in Jeddah are necessary.

    Looking to boost your career and set up your business in the KSA with our student visa services

    You must obtain a student visa to remain in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s visa services insurance requirements are uniform, although nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates are exempt. Health insurance is compulsory for ex-pats living in Saudi Arabia unless they are domestic workers.

    Apart from a recently issued passport, these are the requirements to apply for a student visa:

    • Three copies of a passport-size color picture
    • A form of application (completed in capital letters)
    • Ticket to return
    • Birth certificate, original, and copy.
    • Diploma from a high school (authenticated by the Saudi Cultural Mission)
    • A medical report in three copies

    Once you have received your visa services and are studying in Saudi Arabia, it is critical that you do not overstay your visa’s validity period and that you follow the country’s Islamic laws and regulations. Therefore, international students studying in Saudi Arabia should adhere to the country’s beliefs and customs and have a valid motive for being there.

    When obtaining the requisite health insurance, make sure that the policy you choose satisfies all of the requirements for your visa, as Saudi Arabia’s insurance standards are stringent. Finally, to avoid a difficult situation in the event of a catastrophic accident or illness, look for a health insurance plan that includes evacuation, and evaluate each plan carefully to ensure you’re obtaining the coverage you need for your time in Saudi Arabia.

    Long before you leave for education, you must know and comprehend the Saudi Arabia visa and insurance requirements. The sooner you understand how KSA insurance for international students works, the sooner you can start the process of obtaining all of the Saudi Arabia insurance requirements. You can start your journey to Saudi Arabia once you have completed all of the relevant documentation.