Saudi Arabia Investor Visa

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Saudi Arabia has been gaining attention from global investors in the latest years. As a result, to give entrepreneurs new opportunities to make the most out of this fruitful region, the government has stated the Saudi investor visa. With this visa, investors will be able to explore their opportunities through different industries of the local economy.

With us, you can easily obtain your investor visa Saudi Arabia. We have been providing visa services for years, which means that we have the experience necessary to deal with this complex process. Company Formation Saudi has the resources you need to obtain positive results when requesting this visa in KSA.

Financial Requirements to Qualify for the Investor Visa in Saudi Arabia

Investors who can establish businesses here and who are eligible for the golden visa in KSA fall under a unique group of immigration. This type of residence visa, referred to as the investment visa in KSA, comes with a number of benefits for those who meet the requirements. People must fulfill Saudi investor visa requirements established by the Saudi Arabian government in order to qualify for a visa.

Financial requirements include:

  • A 100,000 SAR investment for renewable visa.
  • 800,000 SAR investment for lifelong visa.

A solid investment strategy and proof of financial stability for backing the proposed initiatives are necessary. The Saudi government wants to draw FDI from abroad to boost revenue growth and expand the national economy.

Depending on the type and amount of the investment, the investor visa’s duration and validity will change. The Saudi authorities evaluate each application individually and decide the investor’s acceptable length of stay. Investors can customize their trips to fit their investing strategies thanks to this flexibility.

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Once your Saudi investor visa has been approved, we will send you a timely notification so you can receive it as soon as possible.

Ongoing Support

Even after you receive your visa, we can give you the support you need to ensure that your travel to the region goes smoothly.

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When obtaining your Saudi Arabia investor visa, we will help you navigate the steps and keep compliancy.

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    Required Documents to Apply for our Saudi Investor Visa?

    Visa applicants must provide the following Saudi investor visa requirements:

    • Valid original passport
    • Health insurance
    • Visa fee payments
    • Employment verification letter. (If applicable)
    • Business registration copy. (If applicable)

    Benefits of Investor Visa in KSA

    For those wishing to invest in Saudi Arabia, the investor visa offers a number of important benefits. These advantages foster a business-friendly climate and provide alluring incentives for investors.

    • Local market access
    • Streamlined business opportunities
    • Networking opportunities
    • Tax treaties

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