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In Saudi Arabia, foreign nationals, as well as entrepreneurs coming from abroad, need tax and legal services support. Some of them need legal guidance to come and live here. Moreover, others will ask for information on how to start their business in Saudi Arabia. Whatever the case, we will help you solve your problems in the best way we can offer you. You should know that outsourced legal services of a lawyer will make the difference, here we will provide you with the best legal agents we have.
In addition, we will provide you with legal advice on different issues of commercial and corporate law. On the other hand, the legal services in Saudi Arabia offered to our foreign clients are assisted by a team of international and local experts.

Our Corporate Legal Services Include

Corporate Legal Advice

In Saudi Arabia, all law firms work with lawyers accredited by the Saudi Bar Association. So finding a lawyer who offers the best legal services is a difficult task, & you should consider that you should find a lawyer who specializes in the legal area you need.

The main aspect to consider is finding one that specializes in the legal area you require. However, you should know that our company’s lawyers are well prepared to support you in legal support services. 

Tax Lawyers for your Business

When doing business in Saudi Arabia, one of the most important aspects relates to taxation and legal services. This has to be where a lawyer can be of help. Understanding the laws that a foreigner must abide by and the main differences between paying taxes as a foreigner and as a resident falls within the legal services that our lawyer in Saudi Arabia can provide.

Also, we have experience working with accountants in Saudi Arabia. They can put into practice the provisions of these laws and can help you to comply with the tax regulations available here.

Legal Services Related to Immigration Law

Saudi Arabia has more than 35 million inhabitants, approximately 30% are foreigners. This happens because moving to Saudi Arabia has important benefits. These include high salaries, as well as good investment opportunities for investors.

It has become customary to use the legal services offered by law firms in the larger cities of the country to relocate here. As they can offer support with their legal services related to immigration law. 

With our legal services obtaining a residence permit takes between 1 and 3 weeks. This considered is a short period to move here. However, all documents must be to benefit from a fast processing time. That makes it important to work with important legal service corporations like us.

Buy or Rent Properties in Saudi Arabia

Moving to another country involves an important decision. Renting or buying a house is one of them, as well as knowing where to purchase. Owning a property in Saudi Arabia entails a permanent residence permit under the visa regime for investors.
Therefore, this may be an option if you wish to relocate here indefinitely.
So, with the help of Company Formation Saudi’s legal department, it would be very easy for the investors to invest in Real Estate Market of Saudi Arabia.

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Legal Services

Our duty as legal advisors is based on being the person who is authorized to provide legal services in Saudi Arabia

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When you open a branch, you will have 100% ownership of it, and will not need a local partner.

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In our legal service in Saudi Arabia, you can find everything you need to cover all your needs and those of your contractors. Cover any percentage of error that is represented in losses for your company or your person and support you in governmental procedures. As well as your personal development such as the acquisition of a home.

We also support you in your future investments. With us, you will always remain covered by the law. At the time of the constitution of a company, it is necessary to have a lawyer to help you to generate all the necessary papers for the presentation of the same one before the public entities, for that reason we counted on our star service in the accompaniment of the constitution of a company.

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