Discover how to obtain an ecommerce license in Saudi Arabia with our comprehensive guide for 2024. Ensure compliance and start selling online today

This is the era where technology is reaching beyond stars and e-commerce businesses are thriving on Earth. Gone are the days where you had to have a physical space to open a shop, carry out your commercial operations and customers had to physically come to stores. Now businesses have adapted to the modern technological environment, setting up their physical inventory and letting customers add physical products to their virtual carts delivered to their doorstep.

Running a business demands that you adhere to the local rules and regulations too. It helps the economy of your country prosper as well as land you in no violations calling for any form of legal consequence.

Planning to launch your online store in Saudi Arabia? Company Formation Saudi brings you a complete guide so you will expand your ecommerce business to a great level. With an ecommerce license in Saudi Arabia, you stay compliant with the KSA laws and are able to start selling your products online starting from today.

Why You Need an E-commerce License

Ecommerce License Saudi Arabia

E-commerce is gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia. With more and more individuals keen to start their own online store, it is important they know the need and significance of having an Ecommerce license Saudi Arabia.

If you are setting up an online shop, you need an ecommerce license to be legally compliant with the laws and regulations of KSA. This helps keep a proper check and balance on things and be a lawful citizen at the same time.

Obtaining Your E-commerce License

We truly understand that it is a lot of work to search the depths of the internet to get authentic pieces of information. Something as important as running a business means you can not risk a single detail. Worry not as Company Formation Saudi has taken it on ourselves to share with you the complete process in detail to help you get your Saudi ecommerce license.

Understanding the Application Process

For you to launch your online store, it is imperative that you first understand the application process to obtain your Ecommerce license saudi Arabia.

The whole application process starts with knowing that the Ministry of Commerce is your point of contact for registration. The KSA government has come up with the simplest of steps for you to get your ecommerce license Saudi Arabia. Follow these simple steps and it is as easy as that:

  • Head to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce website
  • Get yourself registered
  • Select service
  • Enter your trade name
  • Register with your commercial data
  • Provide confirmation
  • Pay the following fees through SADAD system:
    • Commercial registration fee
    • Membership fee

Required Documents and Information

The documents required to get that Ecommerce license are:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Your lease agreement
  • Filled application form
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry registration certificate
  • Commercial Registration Certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Fees and Timeframes

Once you have got all your documents sorted out and have entered the information on the Ministry of commerce website to get your ecommerce license Saudi Arabia, it is now time for you to pay the required fees.

  • You will have to pay the following fees:
  • Membership fee
  • Registration fee

Both of these fees can be paid through the SADAD system.

The expected timeframe to obtain your ecommerce license Saudi Arabia is not quite long. You can easily register sitting  in the comfort of your home and submit the fee along with your required documents.

Additional Considerations for E-commerce Businesses

These are the additional considerations for ecommerce businesses:

  • Since you need to have the ecommerce license for your online business, you will need to have your products, a business plan, and a registered ecommerce website too
  • You will comply with e-commerce laws and regulations of the country
  • You have to share the following information about your business:
    • Your full name
    • Your address
    • Contact information
    • Commercial registration number
    • Tax registration number
    • Privacy policy
    • Terms and conditions contract
  • The terms and conditions you share with your customer has to encompass:
    • Information of your goods and services
    • Warranties if any
  • What it will cost your customer
    • The price
    • Fees
    • Tax
    • Delivery fee
    • Shipping fee
  • You will be providing receipts with the information of:
    • Date
    • Price
    • Any applicable charges
      • Delivery fee
      • Sales tax

Registering Your E-commerce Website

  • Register your E-commerce website with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Provide the following things as part of the requirements for registering your e-commerce website to get your Saudi ecommerce license:
    • The applicant’s name
    • Commercial registration details
    • Ecommerce site activities
    • Website description
    • Web address

In instances where any of the above details change, you will have to notify the Ministry of Commerce.

Complying with E-commerce Regulations

To comply with the e-commerce regulations, you will do the following:

  • Register your website
  • Obtain the Saudi ecommerce license
  • Not use any customer data for any unauthorized purpose
  • Respect termination contract

Resources and Next Steps

The next step is to ensure that the ecommerce market is secure in its operations. The resources involved in making e-commerce activities in KSA much safer are:

  • NCA
  • Saudi telecommunication regulator
  • CITC

E-commerce laws and regulations will continue to develop to responsibly carry out online store operations.


Recent times have shown that it is now time to be adept in adapting to the demands of the modern world. The shape and structure of our daily activities are changing. So are the ways how businesses operate. With bricks and mortar stores offering online shopping options, online stores have made their own identity by selling solely through online channels.

People looking forward to launching their online store in Saudi Arabia need an ecommerce license to run their online business the legally compliant way. This way they contribute to the nation’s development as well as expand their business the right way.