Need to Know About Foreign Investment Strategies & Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

foreign investment in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the whole world. They were even awarded the record for the largest amount of money received from investments in 2021. This kingdom offers an attractive market for foreign investors. Among them, are the strategic location, political stability, young and consuming population, and diversified economy. […]

What is a Virtual Office Space in Saudi Arabia?

virtual office

Finding a virtual office in Saudi Arabia allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to have a professional presence in the country. This allows them to save money due to the costs involved in establishing a physical office in the territory. It also serves established companies for their remote workers, in which they also save costs and […]

Learn About How to Establish a Branch Office in Saudi Arabia

start a branch office

Process to Setup a Branch Office in Saudi Arabia More and more companies are eager to expand into new markets as the global economy keeps expanding. This entails setting up a branch office in a different country for many businesses. Saudi Arabia has a sizable economy and a rapidly expanding population, making it one of […]

The national airline of Saudi Arabia “Riyadh Air”

company setup in Saudi Arabia

With the company setup in Saudi Arabia by the PIF, the airline Riyadh Air, the government continues to apply its Vision 2030. Thus, this initiative seeks to turn the capital of the kingdom into a tourist arrival center while offering thousands of jobs. In this article, you will learn about the data from the recent […]

How to open a company in Saudi Arabia

setting up company in Saudi Arabia

The country, through Vision 2030, encourages the setting up company in Saudi Arabia for foreign investors. Thus, you can benefit now due to current facilities and rules that enhance the process. In this article, we will explain how to start your business in the country, taking advantage of these benefits. Let us see: 1. Why […]