In the workplace, sick leave is a very important term that helps to maintain an appropriate balance between the work and health needs. Proceeding with the discussion of sick leave in Saudi Arabia, it becomes very clear that it is not just a mere formality; indeed, it is an integral part of the professional life.

In this article, we will see how to apply sick leave in Saudi. Naturally, adhering to some rules and procedures makes the process of navigating it much easier when an employee has health issues. But outside of the procedural aspects, we will discuss many other benefits as prescribed by the Saudi Labor Law for sick leave.

What is Sick Leave?

sick leave

In the progressive employment environment, sick leave which is a fundamental employee right under the vigorous Saudi labor law plays an important role. Knowing the nuances of sick leave in Saudi Arabia equally important for both the nationals and expatriates.

Whether the leaves are continuous or irregular, a medically verified sickness would earn an employee a year of paid leave. The first month is fully paid, 60 days of paid time off and then another month without any pay.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia provides compliance with the article 117 of the Saudi Labor Law. A worker who has proved his illness is entitled to paid leave.

Knowing how many sick leave days per year in Saudi Arabia is a very important part of generalizing the people’s rights.

How to Apply for Sick Leave in KSA?

State The Reason for Your Absence

When starting your leave, explain your absence in a timely and very honest manner. By giving an objective yet detailed explanation, you maintain the transparency in your relationship with the employer. By clearly stating the nature of your illness, you will be able to have a better comprehension of your situation.

In writing the sick leave application, indicate the condition that is currently ailing you. This information helps us to process your request quickly. In the absence of such clarity, employers value it a lot.

Also, describing the effect of your health on your capacity to execute the work duties gives useful information. Take this chance to demonstrate your willingness to comply with the company guidelines.

Also, specifying the type of your illness helps your employer to arrange things during the leave period.

State The Length of Your Absence

In making an application for leave, it is very critical to specify the period that you will be away clearly and accurately. This information enables the employers to arrange their work properly and it guarantees smooth operations when you are absent.

  • First, make it clear how long you are supposed to be away. This transparency aids with the task integration and workload management. Also, giving a precise timeline helps to ensure understanding between you and your employer thus encouraging teamwork.
  • Second, it would be very wise to include any possible extension of your leave if you take longer than expected to recover. This proactive communication facilitates the adjusting of schedules and reallocating of responsibilities as appropriately.

In accordance with the sick leave Saudi labor law, precisely reporting the period of your absence guarantees compliance to the legal stipulations. This is consistent with the rules enacted, ensuring a balanced and legal employee-employer relationship.

Clarify Whether You Will Be Able to Work

It is very important to make your work capability very clear when applying for leave.

  • In accordance with the Saudi labor law sick leave the employees must notify their status of work during this time. This assists your employer in making plans and is also compliant with the Saudi labor law provisions.
  • Describe your current situation very clearly, mentioning whether you can do the work remotely. This information helps the employers to manage the workloads. It is also clear that you mention any limitations or adjustments are required to ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Additionally, detailing a schedule of continuing responsibilities shows your dedication to the job. Identify the ways in which you will handle your responsibilities or also delegate them if it is required.
  • Transparently addressing your work capability in the leave helps to create a cooperative and supportive workplace. This is in line with the regulations as per the Saudi labor law related to the sick leave.

Elaborate On Your Next Steps

Sick leave is a time for recovery and planning once you have informed yourself about the leave.

  • First, notify your direct supervisor and the HR department of your absence. This guarantees that everyone knows what to do when you are feeling sick.
  • Next, focus on health restoration. Give priority to sleep, medication, and any other prescribed therapies. Following the recommendations of the doctor is very important during your time off sick.
  • Then, report any health status changes that may occur to your employer as soon as possible. Another thing to consider when on leave is how one can check the status of the leave online.

Many organizations offer an online system where the employees can easily check their leave status. Learn how to check sick leave online and ensure a smooth return-to-work.

Address Your Availability to Communicate

Sick leave communication is critical. Tell your supervisor immediately about what is happening to you. Notify them of any changes in your health status. Use email or any other appropriate forums to stay in touch regularly.

Secondly, your communication should be in line with the Saudi labor law sick leave provisions. You need to follow the channels and frequency guidelines as established by your company and also labor regulations.

Reply speedily to any questions or demands from your employer. This not only shows competence but also contributes a lot to the smooth running of the activities during your absence. Write clearly about your availability for online video calls or emergency discussions.

In sick leave, transparency and clarity of the communication between employees and employers help to achieve a better understanding and cooperation. Recall, effective communication plays a very crucial role in the process of handling leaves at work.

Benefits of Sick Leave under Saudi Labor Law

sick leave

Under the shadow of the protective umbrella, the Saudi labor law sick leave, employees in Saudi Arabia with several indispensable advantages. This ensures their well-being during challenging times, for instance:

  • Financial Stability: The mandated paid sick leave regulated by the Saudi labor law offers a significant financial source, which eliminates the loss of income during the illness.
  • Peace of Mind: Sick leave in Saudi Arabia is a source of comfort for the people trying to recover without the fear of losing their job or income.
  • Work-Life Balance: Saudi labor law promotes a healthy work-life balance resulting in to proper rest that reduces the long term illnesses.
  • Reduced Spread of Illness: Paid leave allows the sick employees to stay at home which reduces the contamination.
  • Legal Protection: This leave allows for legal protection and also ensures that workers are not terminated unjustly or discriminated against because of an illness.
  • Enhanced Productivity: This leave ensures a full recovery by eliminating the stress of financial burden, which leads to increased productivity where both the employees and employers benefit.

Article 117 Of Saudi Labour Law – Understanding Sick Leave Entitlements

Sick leave Saudi labor law entitlements are clearly defined by Article 117. In short, here are the details:

  • A worker with proven illness, qualifies for full paid sick leave for the initial 30 days. Employees on probation become eligible after completing 90 days in the company.
  • Following the initial period, they receive three-quarters of their salary for the next 60 days.
  • Subsequently, for the next 30 days, the leave is without pay.
  • The total leave entitlement for an employee is 120 days within a single year.
  • Employers with more than 20 workers are subject to the sick-off law.
  • Termination during leave is prohibited.
  • Workers can request a slip of their annual ill leave, aligning it with the leave if necessary.
  • In case of work-related injuries, financial aid is provided, with subsequent compensation based on treatment duration.
  • Permanent disability due to prolonged illness allows termination, with compensation responsibilities on the employer.

How to Get Medical Certificate for Sick Leave in Saudi Arabia?

Submit Your Request

When grappling with a contagious illness, safeguard yourself and others by prioritizing rest at home. Listen to your body, acknowledging the significance of adequate rest. When the need for this leave arises, the crucial step is obtaining a medical certificate from a doctor.

To initiate this process, complete a swift medical questionnaire. This questionnaire ensures the accuracy of your health information, supporting the legitimacy of your request for a medical certificate.

Once this is done, promptly submit your request. This not only expedites the approval process but also facilitates a smooth transition into your sick leave application.

Prioritizing health and adhering to the necessary procedures fosters a responsible and considerate work environment. Your well-being matters, and taking these steps ensures a comprehensive and efficient leave process.

Consultation By a Certified Doctor

When initiating the sick leave process, a crucial step is the consultation by a certified doctor. This step ensures that your health condition is accurately assessed and documented. Through our online platform, a qualified doctor will review your request promptly.

If your condition persists despite following the recommended measures, it is advisable to seek a physical consultation with a healthcare professional. This leave becomes more validated with a certified doctor’s opinion, ensuring a smoother approval process.

To understand how to apply sick leave in Saudi, the consultation serves as a guiding point. The doctor will guide you through the necessary steps, making the application process seamless and in compliance with Saudi labor law.

In this digital era, the convenience of online consultations adds efficiency to the leave application, prioritizing both health and work commitments.

Receive Your Certificate

After consulting with a certified doctor, it is time to receive your certificate for sick leave. This crucial document acts as proof of your health condition and validates your absence from work.

  • Opting for a physical copy? No worries. Your medical certificate will be dispatched via post.

The process is straightforward, ensuring you get the necessary documentation within 8-10 business days.

  • To facilitate a smooth experience, ensure you have provided accurate postal details during the consultation.

This meticulous approach guarantees the seamless delivery of your sick leave certificate. It is a tangible confirmation of your eligibility for leave, serving both your interests and the employer’s requirements.

For added convenience, explore how to check sick leave online. Some employers offer online platforms where you can track the status of your leave and receive digital confirmation. This modern approach enhances accessibility and transparency in the leave process.

Sick Leave due to Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries can necessitate the need for this leave as employees recover from the physical aftermath. It is crucial to understand the specific procedures in such instances.

  • In the unfortunate event of a workplace injury, prioritize your health. Immediately inform your supervisor about the incident. This prompt communication ensures that necessary actions are taken promptly.
  • Once reported, seek medical attention promptly. Consulting a certified doctor is vital. The doctor’s evaluation will not only determine the severity of the injury but also provide documentation required for your sick leave application.
  • After obtaining the medical certificate, submit it to your employer. Clearly communicate the expected duration of your absence. This ensures a seamless transition in your absence and helps in planning workload distribution.

In summary

In conclusion, this leave in Saudi Arabia is a crucial aspect of employment, ensuring a balance between health and work commitments. To navigate this effectively, employees must adhere to the procedures outlined in the Saudi Labor Law.

Understanding the benefits, entitlements, and the application process is vital for a seamless experience. Transitioning from leave application to the benefits underlines the significance of this aspect in the Saudi work landscape.

Article 117 of the Saudi Labor Law provides a clear framework, guiding both employers and employees. Additionally, obtaining a medical certificate involves a straightforward process, involving a certified doctor’s consultation.

Would you like to know more about sick leave? Then, visit our insights section. For inquiries, reach out to Company Formation Saudi.

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