Ultimate Guide about Visa Status Check Online in Saudi Arabia

Learning how to do the visa status check is a crucial process for foreigners traveling from some countries to Saudi Arabia. Especially, those nations that are not exempt from a stay permit or visa. Ideally, when entering KSA you learn how to verify the authenticity or validity of your Saudi visa. Currently, there are several […]

All You Need to Know About the PRO Services in Saudi Arabia

PRO service

When it comes the dynamic business landscape of Saudi Arabia, understanding PRO services (Public Relation Officer services) becomes vital. The term “PRO service” might sound relatively straightforward and self-explanatory. However, in the complex regulatory environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its importance that can not be overstated. In this article, we will delve into […]

How Foreigners Can Starting a Business in Saudi Arabia

how to start freelancing

Saudi Arabia has long been active in international trade as the largest oil exporter in the world. However, the nation has subsequently increased the range of industries it engages in, adding power, telecommunication, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and more. Consequently, alluring foreigners to know how the process is for starting a business in Saudi Arabia. In […]

The Complete Guide to Obtaining Your Saudi Iqama Number

The Iqama number is the number of the Iqama card, assigned to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. In this work or residence visa, there is information about the employee regarding the type of work. Also, contains the details of the employer that has sponsored the entry of the applicant. In this article, we will find […]

What is SAGIA license and why is it important for business in Saudi Arabia?

SAGIA license

Applying for the SAGIA license is a simple process and has many benefits if you are starting a business in KSA. This license is very important to carry out your commercial operations without legal inconveniences of any kind. Currently, it has changed its name from SAGIA to MISA but retains the same attributes as its […]