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The Middle East is the current most demanded location for businesses in the world. Here, your company will enjoy the advantages of a prosperous economy while establishing alliances with successful businesses. However, if you want to start your business from scratch, you will need some assistance. In Company Formation Saudi, we can provide you with excellent accounting & bookkeeping services to allow you to start your business smoothly. Thus, you can avoid any problems regarding Saudi Arabia’s specific financial regulations by working with us.

Moreover, you and your company will be able to comply with your accounting obligations with the help of our specialists. We can also help you to decrease the workload of your accounting team in your company already located in Saudi Arabia.

Hence, get in touch with us and ask all the questions you have about how we can help your business. We will be glad to answer all of them, leaving you convinced of hiring our accounting & bookkeeping services.

Best Online accounting & Bookkeeping services in the region.

The accounting and bookkeeping world is highly varied, with several activities, requirements, and regulations that you must follow. In Company Formation Saudi, our knowledge level in the matter allowed us to diversify our services’ catalog.

As a result, we develop a series of services we can provide to your business. All of them were developed with the goal in mind of keeping your accountancy correctly and efficiently. Furthermore, such services are available to you regardless of the size of your business.

Hence, take a moment to review here in detail what we can do for you with the following services:

Company Accounting Services -Tax and VAT registration services

When you are a new foreign investor in Saudi Arabia, you must follow several steps to open your company. One of these steps is registration for Tax and VAT purposes. Without it, your company cannot engage in commercial activities in the country.

In Company Formation Saudi we believe in doing meaningful work. Therefore, we can perform the registration for you. We can even complete this process with the General Authority of Zakat and Tax. In this way, you can focus on other important topics to help scale or grow your business.

Indeed, our Company consulting accounting services will handle all of the VAT registration formalities required in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the tax aspects of your starting business with our services.

Accounting & Bookkeeping services for Small Business Companies

Accounting & Bookkeeping is the daily recording of all financial documents issued or received by your business. Moreover, it is also one of the most time-consuming activities in accounting, where data handling and documents control are paramount.

Here, our accounting specialists will provide you with the Best Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Saudi Arabia. They will demonstrate that outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks is the best decision you can make. Certainly, your financial team will be thankful for it.

Payroll services

As a successful investor or businessman, you probably know that a company cannot be great without a qualified workforce. In Saudi Arabia, keeping employees involves following several regulations, such as employment law on a federal level.

On the other hand, your workforce is also a financial responsibility. In this matter, you must register your company for insurance and social security purposes. Furthermore, you also need to provide them with healthcare and pension systems.

Indeed, it seems like a lot of work to handle from an accounting perspective. Consequently, you can avoid issues with your payroll by seeking our accounting services. They will let you concentrate on your business while we take care of the preparation of payroll documents, such as:

  • Payment documents.
  • Paychecks.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Sheets for annual and sick leave.
  • Contributions related to health and social security.

In the same matter, you will be also able to keep your employees’ records always updated by working with us. All of this while keeping them also in compliance with the law. Hence, trust our accountants, and let our accounting services speak for themselves.

Accounting Consultancy & Tax advisory services

Most of the time, business is about improvement, and also about heading in new directions along the way. Our tax advisory services are perfect for business owners who choose to follow such practices.

We also can provide you with Zakat assessment support, allowing you to safeguard your company. In conclusion, our accounting services include advising you on matters related to how to deal with your taxes. This is especially important in periods in which hard changes are needed to keep your business running.

Financial statement preparation and audit services 

Besides taking care of your company’s finances, you must also ensure such finances are properly stated. Furthermore, you should be able to audit them at any time if you suspect there is any inconsistency.

However, in Saudi Arabia, performing such statements and audits involves following various regulations. Here, our accounting specialists are familiar with the legal part of these processes.

Thus, you can either choose our accounting services to prepare your financial statements or to audit them. You can even do both with us.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    Small organizations are subject to the same regulations and laws as the big ones. But, they have smaller requirements when it comes to staffing, legal advice, and accounting. In essence, they follow the same procedures, but on a smaller scale.

    Despite all this, With our accounting & bookkeeping services for small companies will allow them to enjoy substantial benefits by hiring. After all, they too must do accounting and bookkeeping in compliance with the law.

    On the other hand, small businesses are able to get various incentives through financial compliance. Here, our accounting specialists can help you get them, by verifying if your business meets the necessary requirements.

    Most importantly, we can help your business grow at a fast rate. Hence, feel free to contact us. We at Company Formation Saudi will always be ready to provide you with our accounting services in Saudi Arabia. With us, you can take your company to the next level.

    Foreign investors can be a little bit lost regarding taxation when they are starting a business in Saudi Arabia. First and foremost, it is an Islamic state that imposes some taxes on local investors, local companies, and foreign investors.

    However, foreign investors from countries outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can be exempt from some of these levies. The most relevant one of the levies they can overlook is the Zakat.

    The Zakat is a practice in Saudi Arabia in which individuals make donations based on their wealth as a taxpayer. Such donations are collected by the Saudi tax authorities, and they are used for charity. As previously said, foreign investors from countries outside the GCC will not pay it.

    Therefore, you as a foreign investor must only pay the income tax according to the provisions of the Zakat. You will need to do this without having to pay the Zakat itself, which is the 2.5% of the value of the taxpayer assets.

    In essence, you can call us to get our accounting services regarding your income taxes, to avoid any taxation problems. This way, you can open a company in Saudi Arabia more easily.

    Get your tax allowances with our dedicated Accounting & Bookkeeping Advisory Services in the Saudi Arabia

    Can I get tax allowances with your accounting services in Saudi Arabia? The official answer is: Yes, you can get them. But, it involves meeting some specific conditions tied to the tax allowance you want to get. In Saudi Arabia, the government enables the income taxation system with various allowances and deductions as tax advantages.

    Several cases can be found in which a tax deduction can be achieved, such as:

    • Deductions from a company’s tax base related to costs and expenses of salaries, rentals, and travel.
    • Employers’ contributions to retirement funds.
    • Startup expenses.
    • Certain debts.

    Luckily for you, our accounting specialists are familiar with the conditions that shall be met in such cases. In Company Formation Saudi, we can perform a detailed assessment of your company, to discover if it meets these requirements.

    Hence, increase your revenue while still complying with your taxes by working with us.

    Allow us to give you the best insight into the industry

    Knowing which accounting standards you must follow in your company can get you competitive leverage among competitors. Thus, you must find and analyze which of them apply to your business in Saudi Arabia.

    Above all, companies based in Saudi Arabia shall comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In the country, it is implemented by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). Furthermore, additional specific reporting requirements can apply in certain cases, such as the Zakat.

    As of a few years earlier, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have also adopted the IFRS. Therefore, the knowledge you have about these standards can allow you to run your company’s accounting properly.

    However, understanding such standards in detail can take you a lot of time you do not have available. Fortunately, our accounting specialists have the expertise you need about these standards and their applicability.

    With our accounting & bookkeeping services, you can fill your financial documents meeting with the IFRS. Moreover, we will help you in making such fillings in the required time to avoid penalties. So, take a moment, give us a call, and discover what our accounting experts can do for you.

    Learn more about the Saudi taxation system from the most professional agents

    The taxation in Saudi Arabia can be a bit different than what you can find in other countries. But, in essence, it has the same purposes. Here, the government built its taxation system based on both financial guidelines and religious beliefs.

    Most importantly, Saudi Arabia applies three main taxes that you must consider:

    • Corporate Tax, with a rate of 20% and adding the Zakat’s 2.5% if it is applicable.
    • Value Added Tax (VAT), with a rate of 5%, is one of the lowest in the world. In Saudi Arabia, VAT is relatively new, being introduced in 2018.
    • Social Insurance Tax, with a rate of 2% for non-resident employees, and 12% for Saudi residents.

    You may be wondering why there is not any personal income tax on the list. It is because Saudi Arabia’s government does not impose it.

    By knowing how this systems works, you can safeguard your company from any taxation problems, which can lead to fines. However, our excellent accounting & bookkeeping services can save you from seeing your company not paying its taxes correctly.

    Hence, make room for our accounting specialists, and see why they can lead your company to financial excellence.

    Outsourced Accounting Services tasks in Saudi Arabia

    When you start your business in Saudi Arabia, there are several aspects you must consider at the same time. They can go from staffing new employees to improving your marketing. Here, accounting may not seem that important at first, but after a few days, you will notice that it is.

    Therefore, to relieve you from a part of this heavy workload, you need all the help you can get. After all, accounting is a task in which a mistake can have several consequences, both legal and financial. Thus, you can find more time available by outsourcing your accounting services.

    Furthermore, a good outsourced accounting can also allow you to optimize all your costs. This way, you can invest your money in ways to make your business grow.

    In Company Formation Saudi, we have the accounting services you need at your disposal. With us, your bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing activities will be covered, following the legal requirements, and complying with imposed deadlines.

    Consequently, do not hesitate to contact us. Our representatives will answer all your questions and you will know how we can make your company better with our services.

    The fees of any provider of accounting & bookkeeping services vary depending on the size of the business. Here, you will find lower fees for startups and medium enterprises, and the highest ones for medium and large enterprises.

    In this matter, most accounting services providers offer packages to businesses, related to what they want in their structure. For instance, an accounting provider can charge a standard fee plus an additional one per permanent employee provided. There are also additional fees for external audit offices if they are required.

    Certainly, you may find such accounting services bookkeeping services expensive at first. But, later on, you will discover that they are a necessary expense, because of the great benefits they bring. Hence, you must not feel that you are wasting money. We can ensure you, it is money well spent.

    So, what are you waiting for? Our representatives are waiting for you. Feel free to ask about our fees and packages to deliver excellent accounting services to your company. To us in Company Formation Saudi, it is all about keeping our clients in an environment free of accounting issues.

    In the business world, it is hard to recover from a bad start. Indeed, poor financial management is one of the main reasons startups fail in their first stages. However, numerous business owners are still managing their own accounting, getting their companies on a dangerous path.

    Without the proper knowledge about accounting, companies are more susceptible to non-compliance problems that could generate costs, penalties, or worse. Therefore, you must seek such knowledge to increase your chances of success.

    One smart way you can do so is by outsourcing your accounting, with the help of our accounting experts. Furthermore, you will discover that our services represent the best fit for your needs, which can also change over time.

    In the same matter, our accounting firm has the properly qualified personnel for the task. By picking us as your accounting services provider, you can enjoy significant benefits, such as the following ones:

    Saving resources

    Having accountants with the necessary expertise decreases the possibility of accounting mistakes that can become lost money easily. Hence their services can translate to cost savings and better efficiency.

    Moreover, outsourcing your accounting processes also allows you to save the resources you would require for staffing permanent accountants.

    In essence, our accounting agency can provide you with temporary employees that can help your company without being on your payroll. This way, you will not need to spend time and money on onboarding and training processes.

    Business growth

    When accounting is done correctly, it can be like a perfect scan of a human body. In other words, it can clearly show you the status of your company’s financial health. Such a clear picture is paramount to you for making corporative decisions in your search for business growth.

    Consequently, it will allow you to determine where expenses can be reduced, or whether a marketing project is feasible. Thus, it prevents you from making any counterproductive decision that could harm your business.

    With our accounting services, investors will be able to take a look at your financial stability. This way, you will be letting them convinced to make good investments in your business.

    Total compliance with requirements and regulations

    There are always risks involved in the operation of any business. In accounting, the greatest risks are related to failing to comply with requirements and regulations. Such incompliance can lead your company to face financial penalties.

    However, these risks can be mitigated by hiring our accounting services. Indeed, our team of accounting specialists will be up to find any irregularities, keeping your financial statements immaculate.

    Remember, besides the financial loss that represents a penalty, it also makes your company look bad to investors and customers. Thus, you must prevent your company from this by contacting us and hiring our excellent services.   

    Greater savings

    One key benefit you can enjoy by hiring accounting services is to find where and how tax exceptions are applicable. Our accounting specialists’ expertise in local regulations and laws can allow you to find such applicability easily. This way, you can maximize your saving tremendously.

    Here, our accounting specialists are experts on the matter, and they will start to look for such exceptions right away. They will allow you to drive money to other important processes, such as marketing, or staffing.

    It does not matter if your business is already entrenched, or it is giving its firsts steps. Tax exceptions are always applicable, and it takes our team of accounting experts to detect them.  

    Competitive advantage

    As you just witnessed, outsourcing your accounting can allow you to save money and resources, and make your business grow. All of this leads to one major benefit: Your company will be leading the business.

    In other words, By outsourcing your accounting services to us, You will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. This can lead you to more sales, higher profits, and more.

    Are you looking for accounting services in Saudi Arabia?

    At Company Formation Saudi, innovative ideas and top-of-the-line services are a part of our daily operations. With us, your company will be protected against accounting issues, bookkeeping mistakes, poorly made audits and more.

    Managing or starting a business in Saudi Arabia can be challenging. As a current commercial hub, it can be a competitive market in which any advantage you can have is necessary. After all, you cannot enjoy the benefits of working in a prosperous country without proper accounting.

    Hence, we invite you to contact us and ask about our accounting & bookkeeping services, our bookkeeping specialists, our audit offices, and more. Our representatives will gladly answer all your questions and will explain to you how our services are performed.

    Do not let your business fail at its start. Seek our accounting & bookkeeping services to put it on the map of successful companies. Here, we will help your business in several ways, ensuring to fulfill your requirements and leaving you pleased of working with us.

    Therefore, do not think it any longer, and let our accounting specialists take your business to the next level.