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Saudi Arabia is among the most desirable Middle Eastern business locations. The developed economy draws not just investors, but also professionals from other areas seeking lucrative work in other regions of the world. Saudi Arabia’s immigration is increasing every day. While some choose to relocate permanently to Saudi Arabia, others find that temporary migration is a preferable option.

We, at Company Formation Saudi, have a team of experts that provides services to overseas investors and anyone interested in exploring all of the alternatives this country has to offer. Whatever method you choose for Saudi Arabia immigration, you can get assistance from our professionals and obtain the finest immigration services in Saudi Arabia.

Let us guide you through the most common visa forms for Saudi Immigrants

Whatever purpose you wish Saudi Arabia immigration for, even a simple visit to assess the prerequisites for founding a firm, you will require a visa to enter the country. If you intend to stay here for an extended amount of time, you will require a residence permit.

Saudi Arabia immigration is accessible for anyone who wishes to work and establish enterprises in the country. Employment can be for both short and extended periods. In the first case, the Saudi authority has lately made a temporary work visa available.

Work with us and opt for any of the following visas

The following visas are available for Saudi Arabia immigration. People who want to work with us in the country can apply for employment or work visas.

  • The escort visa may be for members of the family of a foreign resident living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The student visa is accessible for people who want to finish their education here and stay for a few semesters.
  • The resident permit allows a foreign national to reside in Saudi Arabia during varying periods.

We can help you understand how to immigrate to Saudi Arabia for work

For highly trained individuals, finding work in Saudi is not difficult, since Saudi corporations engage international staff in critical industries such as oil and gas extraction. Overseas citizens can seek temporary or long-term resident permits for this reason.

If you opt for Saudi Arabia immigration for work, the process is quite straightforward because the employer must complete a substantial part of the paperwork. As a result, you must first get a job offer and sign a deal with a Saudi firm. 

Once the employer’s procedures end, the Saudi ambassador or consulate inside the employee’s home country will grant the work visa. Upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the temporary visa holder will apply to the official Ministry of Interior for a residency permit. We can help you by providing you with our Saudi Arabia relocation services for your company. Our team is ready to make your business grow in ways you can only dream of.

Allow us to help you understand your visa and license process

Temporary work licenses are for workers of international firms that do not count with a permanent stay time in Saudi Arabia. In addition, our Saudi Arabia immigration Services can help you understand every aspect of these options. These visas are valid for 30 / 90 days. This is an appropriate choice for international firms looking to set up connection offices in Saudi Arabia to prospect the market.

  • The foreign national must have a legal employment contract that allows him or her to work for the firm that hired him or her. The job must relate to a specific experience or educational background.
  • The runtime for a work visa is between two and three months. 
  • During his or her time in Saudi Arabia, any worker may change the firm for which he or she works only if the prior employer provides a No Objection Letter.  

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Go through your Saudi Arabian immigration process with us!

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    You can trust our local advisors for specific data on the main criteria for Saudi Arabia immigration under a permanent residence program, who can also assist you in finding the best person to help you draft the necessary documents. Please contact us for personalized assistance.

    Accordingly, if you have determined that you wish to remain in Saudi Arabia permanently, a residency permit is the best option. Saudi Arabia immigration is a great choice to expand your business and work career.

    According to the recently created program, an ex-pat must achieve specific standards to get a permanent or special residency status. The following requirements must be completed to obtain one of the two available permits:

    • The candidate’s age has to be over 21.
    • For permanent residency, he or she must pay a cost of SAR 800,000.
    • She or he must pay a yearly cost of SAR 100,000 for a renewable temporary residency visa.

    With the most reliable licensing partner, you may expand your business to Saudi Arabia. Company Formation Saudi has assisted various Saudi Arabia immigration groups with company formation in Saudi Arabia.

    Our unique Saudi Arabia immigration organization founding service connects the most desirable post-retail in the Mideast to organizations all over the world. Company Formation Saudi has assisted various groups with company establishment in Saudi Arabia. 

    Besides, Company Formation Saudi routinely establishes 100% remote possessed substances by SAGIA / MISA criteria, making entry into the KSA market rapid, straightforward, and extremely cost-effective. You can obtain the most complete immigration services in Saudi Arabia with our support.

    Enjoy the advantages of having an investor license in Saudi Arabia

    Company Formation Saudi can help you obtain your SAGIA/MISA investor license. This license enables you to create a completely externally owned coastal component in Saudi Arabia. You do not need local accomplices and can work from anywhere in the Kingdom. Certain exercises, for example, enlisting, therapy, and counseling, are restricted if it is not too much bother to note. Our immigration services in Saudi Arabia can help you throughout this whole process.

    Create your Limited Liability Company with the help of our professional team members

    The investors of an LLC are solely accountable for the establishment’s obligations to the extent of their separate interests in the LLC’s shares. LCCs are the most popular kind of joint venture involving Saudi partners. A Saudi partnership is not necessary, however, because there are no legal restrictions on the degree of foreign ownership.

    A foreign investor wishing to establish a contracting firm in Saudi Arabia would undoubtedly meet difficulties. These difficulties can be reduced or eliminated by seeking competent guidance and completing rigorous due diligence on the part of the foreign investor. Saudi Arabia Relocation Services are available for these circumstances.

    Obtain great benefits from relocating to Saudi Arabia and working alongside us

    Aside from the job prospects, there are other benefits to consider when considering Saudi Arabia’s immigration.


    Financial opportunities are the primary reason many foreigners contemplate Saudi Arabia’s immigration. Salaries are tax-free. This is a significant benefit considering that in many countries, you may anticipate paying taxes equal to 40-50 percent of your earnings. Savings will be simpler because wages here are greater than in most other regions of the world.


    Employers value your ability to operate in many cultures and understand how to do commerce in other areas if you have abroad job experience on your CV. Saudi Arabia’s immigration situation is very beneficial for the nation because there is more cultural sharing and social growth.

    Saudi Arabia might be some of the most difficult locations to do business. However, it can also be among the most lucrative. Most importantly, employers will love your expertise when you exhibit your versatility and worldwide business abilities.


    Saudi Arabia has enough sunshine all year. Although it is too hot to go outside for 3 to 4 months each year, air conditioning helps a lot. You may enjoy the outdoor life, beaches, pools, and other activities in the remaining months.

    Summers are hot and long, but they are also bearable and fun. With vacations at home or abroad, you can cut it up as you wait for calmer weather to arrive.


    If you are thinking about Saudi Arabia’s immigration option, you know it has a good level of life due to its inexpensive cost of living. It is fairly typical for expats to hire chauffeurs, maids, caretakers, and gardeners. While these factors vary depending on your choices, many expats relax and enjoy a comfortable way of life.


    Saudi Arabia seems to be a hub for several popular tourist locations. Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest, is only a two-hour trip from Riyadh. The country’s primary airline provides world-class safety and comfort standards. Saudi Arabia’s immigration is not just about relocating to Saudi like a prison.

    You will have a great place to live and work, but still will be able to travel to visit other beautiful places.


    New malls are emerging regularly, providing shoppers with the most popular brands and a sophisticated retail experience. The Mall within Kingdom Centre in Riyadh, for example, has a wide range of retail alternatives.

    Saudi Arabia’s immigration also includes all the brands and commerce businesses relocating inside the country. This is a great opportunity to get the life you always dreamed of.

    Food and beverages

    A high-quality eating experience and cuisines are available. Eating out will be a cultural experience, with options ranging from inexpensive to extravagant. Saudi food is flavorful and rich. Shisha and mint tea are traditional Arabic beverages.


    You will immediately realize how inviting and pleasant Saudis can be, in addition to exploring local cultures as well as learning about the famed Arabic hospitality.

    In Saudi Arabia, there are several fascinating sites to visit. Saudi Arabia’s landscapes are as varied as its culture and customs, ranging from desert strongholds and mountain ranges to gorgeous fish or coral reefs.

    Saudi Arabia’s immigration policy is now opening its doors to the rest of the globe with the introduction of a new tourist visa. The e-visa is a one-year, multiple-entry visa that would allow travelers to stay in the nation for up to 90 days.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to experience Saudi Arabia’s immigration and learn about the warm hospitality and kindness of the Saudi population. The rich history, the lively culture, and the various and stunning landscapes of Saudi Arabia.

    Tourists that meet the following criteria can apply for a Visa on Arrival at Saudi Arabia’s entrance points

    1. The tourist is a citizen of one of the nations on the list of eligible countries.
    2. The tourist has a visa from the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Schengen area. The following conditions must be met:
    • The visa should be used at a minimum once and include an entrance stamp from the nation that issued it.
    • Travel must be made via SAUDIA or another Saudi Arabian national airline.

    Our Immigration services in Saudi Arabia delivers business assistance solutions that help our clients to enter GCC markets. Additionally, we expand their businesses and achieve success in discovering efficiencies in exporting their products. We assist any Saudi Arabia immigration company in doing business more effectively in Saudi Arabia.

    Additionally, we believe in working with a diverse range of companies. Including Saudi Arabia’s immigration Services, large international corporations, local brands, government agencies, Saudi Arabia Relocation Services, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Providing the same world-class service regardless of industry or size.

    Every circumstance is different, so make sure to contact us. Our Saudi Arabia immigration specialists would be happy to go over your specific requirements with you.  

    We are the top provider of outsourced business services

    We are the region’s top provider of outsourced business services. Our ideas are unique, professional, and suited to each firm with which we deal. We can optimize outcomes for our clients by integrating consultancy, professional guidance, and local expertise with our in-house solutions. HR, payments, outsourcing, corporate Saudi Arabia immigration, recruiting, accounting, shared services, and government relations are just a few of the services we provide.

    We are here to help you bring your personnel into the region with our Immigration services

    Whether your workers are visiting Saudi Arabia on behalf of a business, working there full-time, or require any other form of visa, completing the essential Saudi Arabia immigration processes swiftly and effectively is critical to both you and us.  

    Employers and employees must present information and collaborate with all Saudi Arabia immigration Ministries of Labor and Interior to grant a valid visa to operate in the nation. Foreign nationals seeking a work visa in Saudi Arabia must also submit health and police clearance.

    Processing timeframes for Saudi Arabia’s immigration might vary. Therefore, ensure your organization accounts for this before sending a foreign citizen to operate in Saudi Arabia. There are many different types of visas and entrance permits, but we have included the most common ones later here.

    Allow us to provide you with knowledge about your employment visa process

    Foreign nationals who want to labor in Saudi Arabia need first to get a working visa and a Residence Permit. The visa is approved by the Saudi Arabia immigration entity, the post-arrival residency card contains employment authorization. The candidate must have a direct work contract that is available for a period of one-year minimum.

    Under the ‘Nitaqat’ system, quotas on the balance of Saudi Arabian to foreign citizen workers apply exclusively to the sponsoring firm. The exact quota amount largely depends on the sector/industry.

    For the period of the applicant’s Work Permit/Residence Permit, a monthly Expat Fee is paid in full up ahead (Muqeem). The Working Visit Permit (Short Term) (a method for temporary work authorization) has been phased down.

    Nationals of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member countries who want Saudi Arabia’s immigration to labor in the country do not require a working visa or a resident permit. On their first day of work, they only need to connect with the Social Insurance GOSI portal.

    Choosing to work with us will allow you to obtain your Saudi Arabian residence permit

    Foreign individuals visiting Saudi Arabia for a variety of reasons must get a visa when they intend to stay for a short amount of time. Those who wish for Saudi Arabia immigration because they want to stay in Saudi Arabia for a longer length of time must get a resident visa.

    This document is the Saudi iqama, which offers a foreign citizen numerous privileges. If you are considering Saudi Arabia immigration and therefore becoming a legal citizen in Saudi Arabia, then our experts are at your disposal with many services to enable you to migrate here as quickly as feasible.

    Different types of Saudi Arabian residency permits

    Foreign people wishing to apply for Saudi Arabia iqama should be aware that there can be two types of residency permits available for Saudi Arabia immigration: the temporary resident permit and the permanent premium residence license.

    It is not difficult to get a Saudi resident permit. We would like to encourage you that if you wish to establish a company or business in Saudi Arabia. Our great local consultants are available to assist you. This is among the most secure methods of acquiring a Saudi iqama.

    Saudi Arabia’s temporary resident permit

    A non-citizen who has signed a work contract with a Saudi firm is entitled to a residence visa in Saudi Arabia within the term of the employment contract. This indicates that the permission will be granted temporarily alongside the work visa.

    The majority of the procedure for acquiring a Saudi Arabia iqama dependent on employment will be handled by the firm hiring the noncitizen.

    If you have an employment agreement and need Saudi Arabia Relocation Services, our professionals can assist you on where to find the best.

    Saudi Arabia’s premium residency visa

    A foreign individual who wishes Saudi Arabia immigration to become a legal citizen in Saudi Arabia can do so through the newly introduced premium residency visa program. This requires some standards to be completed but also provides various benefits.

    Under the premium residency visa arrangement, persons participating in the Saudi iqama have two possibilities:

    • The first is a temporary residency that can be renewed.
    • The second option is to get a permanent residency.

    To apply for one of those, a foreign national must fulfill these specific qualifying requirements:

    • At the time of application, the candidate must be old enough, at least 21 years old.
    • The individual must have a travel document and a clean criminal background.
    • Another need is that the candidate is financially reliable.
    • Proof of health and fitness is necessary to be eligible for the program.

    Financial criteria for obtaining permanent residency in Saudi Arabia

    As previously stated, obtaining a Saudi iqama for the premium residence plan entails completing these specific financial requirements:

    • A temporary renewable residence permit costs around 100,000 SAR.
    • Permanent residence may be obtained for around 800,000 SAR.

    If you want to obtain a Saudi residency visa through the new program, our advisers can provide detailed information

    The key advantage of the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs-managed program is that it was designed to attract financiers, entrepreneurs, and highly competent migrants. Hence, it is not aimed at wealthy individuals.

    People who have previously lived in the KSA, on the other hand, have a greater chance of receiving a permanent residency visa. That is because, for the process of Saudi Arabia immigration, they must be familiar with the culture and language. If you choose to file for an iqama in Saudi Arabia by forming a company, our experts who know everything about company creation can assist you with the process.

    Working with us and applying for a Saudi Arabia Iqama is the greatest choice

    Saudi Arabia is the biggest and largest nation in the Middle East. Additionally, economically is one of the world’s largest. With an economy that depends mostly on the production of gas and oil, relocating here suggests optimal growth opportunities for both businesses and employees. The best part is that you have nothing to worry about when relocating your company. We are experts in finding the best solutions to make your businesses extra successful. Hire our immigration services in Saudi Arabia now!