Beginning career journey in Saudi Arabia requires full knowledge about the routes to a job application. Work visa represents the first step for expatriates to kick off their pro career in this famous Arab kingdom. Therefore, you must learn how to do your Saudi Arabia work visa check online frequently.

In this article we will embark on a voyage of discovery of the Saudi work visa, covering the definition, the necessary steps to get it, and the advantages it lends. One can easily and confidently move through the Saudi Arabian employment system. Now, we will go into all that is necessary for you to know about work visa checks online for Saudi Arabia.

What is a Work Visa in Saudi Arabia?

saudi arabia work visa check online

If you are wondering how to obtain your Saudi work visa it will surprise you that it is easier than it might look.

A work visa in Saudi Arabia is a kind of document which gives foreigners in Saudi Arabia the right to work and live in the Kingdom. Employment of migrants without work permit is a punishable crime. Saudi authorities are responsible for this visa. This is the part of the government’s system to control the labor force. Therefore, they can make sure that every employee has the documents they require.

Eventually, one they have the document, they need make sure to frequently do their Saudi Arabia work visa check online.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Saudi Arabia Work Visa?

The process of obtaining a work visa for Saudi Arabia carries along numerous benefits. Firstly, it permits holders to work and reside legally in this country. This status is a key attribute that ensures smooth operation of the company and minimizes any possible legal issues related to employment.

Additionally, it facilitates the penetration of the local job market that has variety of positions. Especially in companies operating in fields like oil, healthcare, and education. It could also help you open your bank account for business in Saudi Arabia if you have your work visa.

In this way, work visa can include citizenship which comes with additional rights and benefits. You could even start your own real estate company or your own business if you have your visa up-to-date.

Moreover, this is why citizens need to do their Saudi Arabia work visa check online.

Requirements to Get a Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

To work in Saudi Arabia, you need an employment visa. This visa is the gateway to your professional journey in the Kingdom. Additionally, it is crucial to meet all the requirements to avoid any delays or rejections.

Employment Visa

To have an employment in Saudi Arabia, you need a work visa. This document is the first door to your professional run in the Arab Kingdom. It is very important to address all the requirements in order to escape from the delays.

Sponsorship Letter

A visa sponsorship letter from a Saudi employer is absolutely necessary. It will serve as your main passport and identify you as an employee and visa applicant.

Visa Referral Note

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) visa referral letter is commonly the one they issue. It is a document they provide for visa approval and used to refer to the further processing process.

Also, it is quite easy to do your MOFA visa status check online as well.

Employment Contract

In your employment agreement, you can find the conditions of your job. It shall be well-written, and cover all aspects of your job. Moreover, it must include your role, wage and other terms of employment.


Having a diploma or a certificate equivalent to it can help you get the job of your dream. A job you are going after may require confirmation of the academic degrees you have received.

Health Report

A health report is your pass to the medical standards that you need to meet before Saudi Arabian immigration. It is a barrier between you and the public health system at the same time.

Police Report

We will only work with suppliers who have a clear police check. It shows that you are complete with the requirements and that you have a clean criminal record.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is extremely necessary. It is to prevent you from paying for any medical issues you might have during your stay.


A passport has become an essential document while travelling. It should be at least 6 months valid after your confirmed departure to Saudi Arabia.

Personal Photos

Showing personal photos is the basis of identification. They should be right-sized and no older than the time that it specifies there.


The submission is the final stage. This is an application process that entails the submission of these documents and adherence to the procedure as outlined by the Saudi embassy or consulate.

How to Apply for a Saudi Working Visa

For the attainment of a work permit in Saudi Arabia, the primary requirement is a labor contract from an employer in the Kingdom. The Employer usually processes the visa by obtaining a visa number and work permit and then initiates the filing process. Applicants will next hand in their passport, medical reports, and educational certificates to the Saudi embassy in the country they are residents in. The process can be a little difficult. However, you must do it carefully with the utmost precision to achieve the outcome you wish.

  • Find a job through a Saudi employer.
  • The company gets a visa number and labor certificate as the sponsor of your employment.
  • Renew your passport, submit your medical reports, and educational certificates to the Saudi embassy.
  • Attend to the embassy’s advice regarding how to submit your application for a visa.
  • Once you have it, remember to periodically do the Saudi Arabia work visa check online

How to Check Work Visa Status Online in KSA?

If you are wondering how to check work visa status Saudi Arabia, you will see the answer is simple and easy. Using internet to look for work visa status in KSA is something you can do through the MOFA. The MOFA website has an online portal that applicants can easily access. Where they can enter their visa number and their passport details.

With this amazing and useful applicant tracking program, transparency and ease of tracking application progress is guaranteed. However, if you need more specifications, we also have them:

Steps to check your visa:

  • Hint: Check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) website.
  • Provide your visa number and your passport information.
  • Track your visa application status updates in real-time.
  • After this you will have successfully done your Saudi Arabia work visa check by passport number

This system provides transparency so that you can be aware of the process during the application phase.

Costs of Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

The work visa Saudi Arabia price differs from the type and time of stay. Visa fees cover medical examinations, visa issuance, and general costs of administrative work.

Employers are often those who bear these expenses as part of the benefits start-up. In this case, it is more reasonable to check the cost breakdown in order to avoid getting any surprises.

However, you must also remember:

  • Visa issuance fees, medical examination costs, and administrative expenses come within.
  • Costs vary based on visa type and duration of stay.
  • Employers typically cover these costs, but it is wise to confirm.
  • Keep abreast of any changes to fee structures to plan accordingly.


Changing or Renewing Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

If the work visa for Saudi Arabia has to come to renovation or changing then the person has to follow some procedures. The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) issues them.

You have to send the renewal application before the expiration of the current visa to avoid illegal status. Instead of changing the visa directly, the sponsoring employer must request an endorsement from the new employer and then approval from the authorities.


  • Adhere to the Jawazat Main Department of Passports guidelines.
  • The timely submission of renewal applications is of particular importance, and it is advisable to do so before the end of the current visa.
  • Involve all employers, present and prospective, to facilitate changing visas such as transfer of sponsorship.


saudi arabia work visa check online

Can I ask if I can see if my visa for Saudi Arabia is approved online?

Yes, you can inquire about the status of your Saudi Arabia visa online if you enter your Application ID and Passport number on the official websites that are dedicated to checking up on visa status.

How long will it be valid to stay in Saudi Arabia on a Work Visa?

Work visas usually are valid for one year which can be renewed once a year if you continue to work in Saudi Arabia. However, you can do the Saudi Arabia work visa check online to corroborate.

Will my family be able to accompany me to Saudi Arabia on a Work Visa?

If your family member is being sponsored by a valid work visa, they have a chance to live with you in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it goes without saying that your spouse and kids are an integral part of this big day.

What are the steps of the Saudi Arabia Work Visa renewal?

In order to get your work visa renewed, you will have to send a petition via your employer before your current visa runs out. The renewal process is accomplished by replacing your medical insurance with the new one. If necessary, you can get a medical exam and then update of your personal information.

Can we change to another job while in Saudi Arabia with Work Visa?

Certainly, you can switch employers while on the work visa. However, with the condition of the legal transfer process which involves collecting a consent from your current employer. And, of course, Ministry of Labor approval.

What shall I do if my Saudi Arabia Work Permit is lost or stolen?

In the event that your work visa has been lost or got stolen, contact the police department and your employer straight away. You will have to apply for a new visa to the Saudi Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) afterwards.

Can I leave Saudi Arabia with a work visa and go elsewhere?

Work visa holders can cross the Saudi borders. Nevertheless, you will need to apply for a departure/re-entry visa each time when you plan to go out and back to the country during the period of validity of the visa.

What are the requirements for extending my stay on a Temporary Work Visa granted in KSA?

The Temporary Work Visa does not permit the holder to work in Saudi Arabia for more than 90 days. Furthermore, there is a chance of renewing the work permit for another 90 days.

However, for an extension of the visa, it is advisable to apply before the expiration of the visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Does the Saudi Arabia Work Visa come with the limitations on the job type I can do?

The work visa is occupation-specific and the only allowed work is in that profession as it is stated on your visa. It is not allowed to perform work in areas outside your profession, and the consequences can be severe.

In Summary

Securing a work visa in Saudi Arabia is a process where you have to go through various steps. The steps include application, renewal and so on. Through mastering the details, costs, and procedures, the applicants, in turn, will be able to go through the process with confidence. It is important to make sure that this information is up-to-date with the latest rules because they change very often.

The comprehensive guide intends to offer the necessary wisdom for an easy adaptation to working life in Saudi Arabia for prospective expatriates. Moreover, if additional help is needed, it would be advisable to contact the legal experts or Saudi embassy.

You shall do your visa application for the Saudi Arabia visa with a lot of precision and follow the rules. You can do it by preparing the required documents and understanding what to expect. This will give you the confidence to proceed with the visa application. Recognize that each piece of document has got a vital part in the success or failure of your work visa application. Furthermore, do not forget to regularly do your Saudi work visa check online.

Moreover, a work visa is essentially for anyone who wants to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It not only guarantees adherence to local rules. It also presents a plethora of lucrative job options.

Remember you must do your Saudi Arabia work visa check online frequently. Moreover, read more of our insights to learn more about our services.

However, if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us right now. We will be really happy to give you a helping hand.

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