Need to Know About Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia work visa check online

Beginning career journey in Saudi Arabia requires full knowledge about the routes to a job application. Work visa represents the first step for expatriates to kick off their pro career in this famous Arab kingdom. Therefore, you must learn how to do your Saudi Arabia work visa check online frequently. In this article we will […]

How to Check Your Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity in Saudi Arabia?

exit re-entry visa check

Whether it is international travel or residency, the visa rules of a country are an important part that has to be complied with stringently, especially in Saudi Arabia. Travelers must take acquaintance of the exit-re-entry visa check legitimacy if they want their traveling plans to be successful. This visa is a document that allows expats […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Your Iqama Red Green Colour Status

red green iqama

Curious about your residency? To expatriates in Saudi Arabia, the red green iqama status has an important answer. The Iqama, which is a very important document, regulates many aspects of the expatriate’s life. A significant aspect is its color status, which is an important indicator of the Nitaqat System’s compliance. It is crucial to understand this system in […]

Things to Know about Visa Renewal in KSA

visit visa renewal ksa

Visit visa renewal KSA is available for certain categories at the Ksa Passport General Directorate. However, renewal will have to be requested well in advance of the visa expiration. Therefore, if you go past the visa expiration date without renewing it, it will result in fines or even deportation. In this article, you will learn […]

2023 Saudi Arabia Visa Stamp: Latest Regulations and Changes

Obtaining a Saudi visa stamping in 2023 has never been more critical, as Saudi Arabia introduces significant changes to its visa regulations. Depending on your country of origin, the process may now vary significantly. These changes aim to simplify the entry process and ensure that all applicants meet the necessary criteria. In this article, we […]