Iqama fine check is a work permit that allows foreigners to work and live in Saudi Arabia. This is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. Iqama is only valid for one year, but can be renewed quarterly.

In this article you going to learn about Iqama fine check, different types and how to check your status and violations. Follow us to know how to check fine on Iqama.

What is Iqama Fine in KSA?

Iqama fine check

  • He explained what Iqama fine check is in Saudi Arabia and said it is a residence permit for foreign workers. You must have a valid employment contract to apply for this card. Another option is an invitation from the government of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Saudi Ministry of Interior is responsible for issuing the IQAMA, which is valid for one to two years. It all depends on your country. There are many reasons why this document is so important to the kingdom.
  • The first reason is that it serves as proof that the owner is a legal resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Then, this means that any foreign worker who holds an IQAMA can live and do business in the country.
  • Another important consideration when trying to understand what an IQAMA ID is in Saudi Arabia is why you need IQAMA ID. Then, certain activities are important to everyone and cannot be carried out without this document.
  • Examples include renting a home, getting a driver’s license, and paying for basic public and private services. Finally, it is important to note that the IQAMA application must be submitted within three months of entry.
  • To begin this process, it is essential to obtain a work visa, which must be renewed periodically online.

Types Of Iqama Fine in Saudi Arabia

Iqama punishments are classified into four main categories and Iqama violations fall under each of these categories.

  • Iqama system violation Fine
  • Traffic violation fine
  • Iqama expiry fine
  • Baladiya fine

Iqama system violation Fine

The public inquiry platform for general violations allows applicants to search for violations issued by government agencies and recorded in the general violation database.

It is important to note that the Violation ID and Requester ID must match to get accurate results during a query. Then, to find out what fines apply in saudi Iqama fine check online, follow the steps below.

Visit the portal and select your preferred language.

  • Log in to your account and click on “General Violations”.
  • Enter “Penalty number” and “Violator identity”.
  • Enter the captcha correctly and click the “Show” button.
  • A detailed report of the entire violation appears on the screen and can be printed.

Traffic violation fine

Otherwise, the Ministry of Public Security provides electronic services through a platform where beneficiaries and applicants can request the traffic violation for themselves or their relatives.

To Iqama fine check your Saudi Arabia travel tickets, please follow the steps below:

  • First, login to the portal and select your preferred language.
  • Then, log in to your Abher account.
  • Later, click on “Check Visitor Traffic Tickets”.
  • After that, select “Document Type”.
  • Enter the border or Iqama number in the Document Number section.
  • Enter the captcha correctly and click the “View” button.

After completing these steps, a detailed traffic violation report will appear on the screen. You can print the report for your records.

Iqama expiry fine

What happens when IQAMA expires? What are the penalties if IQAMA expires? Because many people do not know what the result will be if IQAMA wins. This is a general question.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that Iqama fine check does not expire. This is a serious violation of the right to stay in Saudi Arabia. It is important to check your IQAMA status to avoid problems. Different results will depend on specific factors.

However, a crime is still a crime, and the more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment. So, what are the penalties for allowing IQAMA to expire? What are the consequences if IQAMA expires?

Otherwise, if the IQAMA expires and is not renewed within the given time, a fine of at least NUM0 Saudi Riyals will be imposed. If your companion’s IQAMA is expired or lacks valid identification, they will be fined 1000 Saudi Riyals.

In certain cases, the court can impose a prison sentence exceeding one month. You may be deported if the situation warrants it. Therefore, we recommend that you renew your Iqama fine check before it expires to avoid any inconvenience.

On the other hand, updating IQAMA is a very simple process, so please update in advance. In addition, IQAMA automatically updates after all steps are completed, simplifying the process.

Baladiya fine

To check your visa status online on the Absher website, follow these steps:

  • First, log in to the Absher portal and log in to your account.
  • Second, select ‘My Services’ and then ‘Apply’.
  • Third, On the next screen, select ‘Passport’ and then ‘Entry/Exit Visa Status’.
  • Later, enter the following information:
  • Sponsor ID
  • Squid Number
  • Visa Number or Passport Number
  • Image Code
  • Select ‘Screen’.

How To Pay Iqama Expiry Fine

Furthermore, according to a statement from Jawazat, if you do not renew your Iqama fine check at least three days before the expiry date, the fine is 500 riyals. For the second offense, the fine increases to 1000 riyals.

The owner of an Iqama will be fined 1000 riyals and deported from Saudi Arabia if there is a third delay in payment. Iqamas can be paid from any bank account through ATM, mobile application, or online banking to avoid this outcome. Saudi Iqama fine check online.

You will pay a penalty according to the Icama renewal fee. If you do not pay the Iqama extension amount, the penalty and Iqama extension fee will be combined and displayed as a single amount. How to check Iqama fine.

However, if you have paid the Iqama renewal fee, only the penalty fee will be displayed. To pay the Iqama minute expiry penalty, follow these steps:

Access your bank account through the app or internet banking.

  • First, click on the “Bill Payments and MIA” button on the dashboard.
  • Second, click on the “Resident Service Charges” button.
  • Third, select an account for payments.
  • Later, to pay penalty for expired Iqama, click on Update Iqama button.
  • After that, enter your Iqama number.
  • Choose a period between 3 and 24 months.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Click on “Pay”.
  • Finally, enter the OTP received on your mobile to confirm the payment.

I have paid the Iqama fine checking amount shown in the money section of my Absher account to ensure correct payment. Check your Absher account balance to confirm.

Iqama ID status and expiry date check

Iqama fine check

To renew your Iqama, you must pay a work permit fee. You can check the status of your Maktab Amal payment Iqama fine on the Wazarat Amal (MOL KSA) website. The work permit fee is non-refundable. How to check Iqama fine.

Only your sponsor can generate a work authorization number through your Department of Labor account. The payment number is valid for 15 days after creation. If you do not pay on time, your number will expire. How to check Iqama expiry fine?

To Iqama fine check the fiscal Iqama fine status, click on the following link:

  • Indeed, select the option “ادمة رقسة العمل” (ie “Work Permit Service”).
  • Please see the image below for detailed instructions.
  • Please enter “Ikama Number”.
  • Then, click on the “Search” (which means “Search”) button below.
  • An Iqama fine is “Expired,” it means that the fine has not been paid, resulting in the expiration of the number.
  • If the status is “تم سداد”, your payment has been completed.
  • Later, if Iqama fine status is “Expired”, it means that the number has expired due to non-payment.
  • Finally, check your Naqal Kafala sponsorship/transfer status online.

How to Check Fines on Iqama Expiry Online

  • Visiting the facility in person to pay the fee is a waste of time. Sometimes it can be physically difficult because there are long queues in front of the payment points. In this case, using the online payment function will help speed up the transaction.
  • Indeed, you can visit the relevant website to make the payment without wasting much time or waiting in long queues. You can easily check and pay traffic fines online. Options include advice on traffic fines, ways to pay traffic fines early and online fine reductions.
  • Furthermore, you should use a variety of methods, including e-government, interactive tax offices, internet banking sites and apps. You can easily pay by choosing the online payment method that suits you.
  • If people do not have an e-government password, they can try other methods to solve the problem swiftly.

Check Fine Via MOI

  • Step 1: Click below for a link to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, the official portal to various services in Qatar.
  • Step 2: Click on the “MIA Services” tab in the menu and select “Request” from the drop-down list. Later, there is a menu bar at the top of the page. Find and click the MIA Services tab.
  • Step 3: Select “Request Traffic” from the available options. There are several options in the Requests section. Select “Traffic Request”.
  • Step 4: Click on “Traffic Violations”. There are several types of requests in the Traffic Requests section. Traffic violations, traffic precautions, helpful tips and more. Click on our traffic offenses page. Here you can find information about the fines applied to your vehicle.
  • Step 5: Check your license plate for traffic violations. You can check traffic violations by entering the registration number of your registered vehicle. This is the vehicle number tab. Please make sure the information is correct.
  • Step 6: Select the vehicle type Click the drop-down menu in the Vehicle Type tab.
  • Step 7: Enter captcha and click submit.
  • Step 8: Enter and submit your Qatar ID number (updated in 2023). A pop-up will appear asking for the vehicle owner’s QID. This is a new update for 2023 and you will also need a QID to check for MIA traffic violations.
  • Step 9: Enter the vehicle owner’s QID and click Submit. Enter the vehicle owner’s Qatar Identification Number and click “Submit” to continue. Last, this step ensures that only authorized personnel have access to traffic violation information.

Check Iqama Fine Via Absher

However, how to pay Iqama expiry fine?

  • Indeed, if you want to pay traffic violation fines via internet banking, first check if the bank you want to pay through has an agreement with the tax authorities. Then go to your bank’s corporate website or mobile app.
  • After you go to your bank’s website or app, you will need to sign in with your bank information. Then go to the Traffic Fine Tips section and enter your ticket number details. You can then complete the payment using your account or credit card.

Check Iqama Fine Via SMS

In addition to online reporting, you can also check your fines through notifications. You can check your number plate fine by sending a text message to 1189 with your vehicle number, registration date and TR ID number.

Furthermore, if you need additional information, such as deadlines, you can send us a message via TCP AYRINTI. Charges for this transaction vary depending on your GSM operator.

How to Check Traffic Violation by Iqama Number

However, how to check Iqama fine in Saudi Arabia?

  • Through the Absher online portal, you can check if a police case has been registered for an Iqama fine. To receive text messages, you must have an active Absher account and a registered Absher mobile number.
  • This is equivalent to logging into your Absher account.
  • Scroll down and click General Report Request.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Furthermore, if there is an incident with the police, the system will display a travel ban.
  • Enter your money details and start debugging.
  • The Ministry of Justice and the Nazi portal are the only means for reviewing labor cases, not Abshar.

In Summary

If you want to know more about your Iqama fine status as well as the related violations and actions, you can view related topics here. You can also contact us.

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