Currently, the government of Saudi Arabia has made some changes related to Saudi labor law. The most emblematic is that the cabinet approved the new rules for Iqama renewal. All this is due to the arrival of COVID-19 in the world, which has resulted in different changes to adapt to the new situation. It is important to highlight that the changes in the policies refer to the length of stay and change in rates.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about the new rules for Iqama renewal. The first thing you will see will be all these changes in detail for the workers who are in the country. Finally, you will see all the updated policies for those people who are residents; but are out of Saudi Arabia and need their Iqama renewed.

1. Learn about the new rules for the renewal of the Iqama

new rules for iqama renewal

In this section, you will see everything related to the new Iqama rules in Saudi Arabia. Specifically, there are seven additional rules, and every employer must be aware of them or hire immigration services to learn about these changes.

1.1 First rule

The first rule to know is that the time to process the renewal of the Iqama has increased. Currently, you have 90 days to start the renewal process. This is for those residents who are located within Saudi Arabia. Also, the cost of the entire procedure is now 650 Riyals.

1.2 Second rule

There was also an increase in the time to pay the Iqama renewal fees. This fee can be paid in a maximum of 3 months. It is important to do regular Iqama checks to know when it is due for renewal.

1.3  Third rule

Like the Iqama renewal fees, the Maktab amal fees can also be paid every quarter. That is every 90 days.

1.4  Fourth rule

Something important that you should take into account is that you cannot wait for the Iqama to reach its expiration date. If you try to renew the Iqama after the expiration date, you will have to pay some fines. In addition, the price of the fines was also updated.

1.5  Fifth rule

All holders of family residency visa or Iqama must have valid medical insurance when applying for renewal. You must look for which medical insurance is allowed so that you do not have more inconveniences.

1.6  Sixth rule

Another new rule for Iqama renewal that is important is regarding the status of huroob. People who are in this state, cannot apply for renewal. You must first remove this condition and then start the renewal process.

1.7  Seventh rule

It is very common for people with high purchasing power to have domestic workers. Previously, these employees were allowed to renew their Iqama, every 3 months just like company workers. But, with the new rules for Iqama renewal, they are no longer allowed to renew at this time.

2. If you are outside of KSA, know the rules on how to renew Iqama

new rules for iqama renewal

With the recent flight bans, many KSA residents are stuck in other countries and cannot return. As a consequence of these problems, the Iqama may expire and not be renewed. In case your Iqama has expired and you have not been able to renew it, all the rules that you must take into account to renew or check your Iqama with e-services will be presented below:

2.1  First rule

The renewal of the Iqama can be given for a very specific period. All this can only be done if it is issued in a royal decree.

2.2  Second rule

When renewing the Iqama, you can have a term of up to 30 days without having to pay all the corresponding fees. After this period, the person must pay all the corresponding fees if they wish to renew their Iqama.

2.3  Third rule

It is important to understand that if the person does not return to Saudi Arabia after they have done their Iqama renewal, there will be consequences. This consists of the fact that the person will be prohibited from entering for a period of 3 years.

2.4  Fourth rule

All those companies or sponsors will be able to renew the Iqama of any of their employees who have gone through this problem. However, this can only be done if the company or sponsor wants to bring the employee back. If the company does not wish to bring the employee back, it does not have the obligation to renew its Iqama.

2.5  Fifth rule

If the sponsor wishes, they can issue a new visa to the employee who is involved in this problem. The prohibition of entry into the country will only occur when a different company wants to hire the employee. If this does not happen, you do not need to worry about being banned from entering the country. On the other hand, if the employee does not wish to re-enter the country and leave the job, the final exit permit must be processed in the same way.

3. Contact Company Formation Saudi in case you need support in obtaining or renewing the Iqama

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