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Open a company in Saudi Arabia with our support. Here at Company Formation Saudi, we have the best agents in the Middle East that will help you go through the process of how to start a business in Saudi Arabia. We will make sure that the process to incorporate in Saudi Arabia goes as swiftly as possible. We have a wide range of services that will support and enhance your operations in no time.

Company Formation Saudi will lead you through the path to success. With us, you do not have to wonder about how to start a business in Saudi Arabia. We can help you start doing business in Saudi Arabia quickly. Open a company in Saudi Arabia and allow us to be your guiding team through any business-related challenge. We are ready to take on any difficulty for you and give you the necessary tools to keep managing your staff members in the right way.

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Even if the procedure to open a company in Saudi Arabia is difficult, we have the most sophisticated insight into the local market to make it a reality. With the proper assistance that our professional team of agents offers you, local and foreign investors can establish their businesses and start doing Company Registration in Saudi Arabia.

The process to open a company in Saudi Arabia can be completed with the support of our regional advisors. We can aim you with your business setup in Riyadh no matter what type of legal structure you choose. Our team members are well-versed in every single step of the company registration in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we can answer the main question most of our clients have: how to start a business in Saudi Arabia.

Open any type of company in Saudi Arabia with Company Formation Saudi

Investors and entrepreneurs will have to choose a legal structure before they open a company in Saudi Arabia. These are the types of companies that you can open in Saudi Arabia with our specialized support:

Limited Liability Company

LLCs are the most common form of company in the Middle Eastern region. To open a company in Saudi Arabia it must need from one to 50 shareholders. Investors looking for setting up an LLC in Saudi Arabia have a minimum capital requirement of AED 100.000. It is usually managed by a board of directors and it cannot offer its participation shares for public subscription.

Limited liability companies must sponsor their staff members for residency purposes in Saudi Arabia. Usually, the process of how to sart a business in Saudi Arabia can be stressful; nonetheless, with our support, it can be quick and easy. It is important to note that investors looking to start an LLC must find a Saudi partner to establish the entity.

Joint Stock Company

A joint stock Saudi company is the equivalent of a public limited company. Certain types of trading, such as banking, finance business, and insurance must be carried out through this type of business. A joint stock Saudi company can be closed or open. Ultimately, to set up a JSC in Saudi Arabia, it must have from three to 11 directors. And also, investors must have a minimum capital of AED 500.000. 

Branch Office of a Foreign Company

Foreign companies can open a company in Saudi Arabia that acts as a branch of its parent organization. To start trading they must register for a license and once they have it they must engage in trading activities within the space of their licenses. These businesses can solicit and promote their trading across Saudi Arabia and work with the private and public sectors.

A branch office in Saudi Arabia must deposit AED 500.000 to a local bank. Therefore, this amount will be blocked until the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issues the business certificate. Accordingly, parent companies have 100% ownership of their branch offices. However, the branch must select a legal representative in Saudi Arabia.

Sole Proprietorship

To open a company in Saudi Arabia, investors can choose the sole proprietorship structure. This Saudi company is typically owned by just one person. Subsequently, there are no other shareholders and it does not require a minimum capital for this new company registration. As a result, the investor who owns this business is responsible for all debts and assets of this particular establishment.

Sole proprietorships are most suitable for small businesses as it is easy to establish and run with the support of a business consultancy agency. Only nationals and GCC members can register this type of establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Our company will help you decide what type of company goes best with your vision and the products and/or services you provide. The business setup in Riyadh is trending due to the local government fomenting this practice. Consequently, investors can look for the best business setup consultants in Saudi Arabia to start this process as soon as possible. We will make sure to support you with your company registration process in Saudi Arabia and more.

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest economies in the United Arab Emirates and the world. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are coming here to invest in our economy while growing and expanding their businesses. In these recent years, Saudi Arabia has become the headquarters for many known companies worldwide that are taking advantage of what we have to offer. Consequently, it is important to know how to check the company registration in Saudi Arabia.

Generally, people have to do a grand amount of research to know the steps to open a company in Saudi Arabia; especially, for foreign company registration In Saudi Arabia. However, with the support of our professional experts, investors do not have to spend their time and resources looking for this type of information. Ultimately, they leave their company registration process in Saudi Arabia in our capable hands.

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    Do not hesitate and schedule a meeting with one of our dedicated agents. They will make sure to give you all the insight into how it is to open a company in Saudi Arabia. In addition, they can give you an answer to any inquiry you may have about company formation in the region. We are focused on making helping you establish your business and making it grow. We assure you that the cost of company registration in Dubai will not go over your budget. Lastly, helping you turn it into one of the top companies in its field. Company Formation Saudi is your best alternative if you are looking to open a company in Saudi Arabia!

    We are experts in our business field. As a result, we have a wide variety of services that will allow you to start your foreign company registration in Saudi Arabia with no problem. You can take advantage of our business setup consultants and open a company in Saudi Arabia. With our services, you will be all set up to establish, develop, and expand your business in the United Arab Emirates.

    If you are hesitant about taking starting a new company registration process, you can get in contact with us and our agents will gladly answer all of your queries. Our advice will surely get you on the right path to start your Saudi Arabia company registration. Thus, we will make sure to have the solutions for any challenge or issue you may have on the road. Subsequently, our dedicated team will manage all of the tasks you delegate to us efficiently. Our main objective is to make your company registration in Saudi Arabia as easy as possible.

    With Company Formation Saudi, you can obtain the work visa for all of your foreign employees that you will be bringing once you open a company in Saudi Arabia. We will be able to secure your workforce’s visas so you can start operating as soon as possible.

    Additionally, our team members will provide your business with its engagement completion. We make sure that our clients will receive the five-star treatment from us. Therefore, we will be giving them access to our entire premium services aimed at their business growth. Also, we will focus on helping them develop and reach new levels in the Saudi Arabian market.

    We know how to check your company registration in Saudi Arabia. After you hire our services, you will see how easy and simple things go. Our experts will showcase all the alternatives that we can offer you according to your business. Thus, you can select the ones that you think may fit and make a real difference in the future development of your business. 

    This is the core of our company. In summary, we make sure that all of the investors that hire our company formation solutions can setup their businesses in Saudi Arabia quickly and effortlessly. We strive for a seamless induction into the Saudi Arabian market. Hence, that is why all of our services are so focused on providing you with the right solutions that can fit your needs.

    When you open a company in Saudi Arabia it is important to have allies like us. Experts can give you the best insight on how to run your company in this Middle Eastern region, providing you with the most spot-on advice that will make your business soar in a short amount of time. We will make sure that you obtain your company registration number and finish your commercial registration in Saudi Arabia.

    Foreign Company Registration Business compliance and knowledge

    Once you start working with us to open a company in Saudi Arabia, we make sure that you stay in total compliance with the Saudi Arabian laws and regulations. Our agents are well-versed in the local employment laws and other guidelines that will help you make your business a legal staple in the region.

    On the other hand, our team members ensure that you receive the necessary knowledge on how to handle the opening of your new company in Saudi Arabia. Do not hesitate to ask us about any query you may have when you are working with our team of experts in the UAE.

    Trust in our experience

    Company registration in Saudi Arabia can be a hard process, particularly if you are a foreigner. However, with the support of all of Company Formation Saudi, you will be able to open a company in Saudi Arabia in less than you think. We have been going through this process for years, so we can say that we are experienced enough to know how to make your business succeed.

    Thanks to the regional government’s efforts, locals and foreigners are now seeing Saudi Arabia as a prime location to establish their organizations. Our connections to the Middle Eastern market are crucial in this process. And also, the laws and regulations that are put in place from time to time encourage entrepreneurs to invest in our economy.

    Our services are top-notch. Besides company formation, we offer payroll solutions, accountant services, visa services, virtual offices, legal services, and more. We are a well-rounded company that wants to make the most out of your experience. Allowing you to take advantage of what we provide to skyrocket your business in the Middle Eastern market.

    Saudi Arabia is a thriving commercial environment. Subsequently, it offers many advantages to those who want to start a company within the region. The region’s economy is in the top 20 of the largest economies in the world. Therefore, not starting your process to open a business in Saudi Arabia will make you feel left behind. Some of the benefits are:

    Tax benefits

    When you start thinking about the business setup in Riyadh, you must make sure that its conditions work for you. Many investors look to open a business in Saudi Arabia due to its tax efficiency. Foreign entrepreneurs have a small liability for personal income tax. On the other hand, corporation tax stays at 15%. Even when the region applies VAT, many services and goods are exempt from it. Thus, they are subject to a zero rate.

    Welcoming environment

    In the last decade, Saudi Arabia became one of the most open regions in the United Arab Emirates. The region is opening its arms to a wider world. The local government is doing its best to boost and improve the economy. Welcoming foreign investors to support them and together drive the region to a more cosmopolitan future.


    The region is one of the most innovative in terms of technology in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, we make sure to have the best technology and resources for our clients’ enjoyment. We want to strive to be the best company formation agency in the UAE. Therefore, if you have an innovative business idea, do not think it twice and open a company in Saudi Arabia. We welcome everyone here.

    Broad economy

    Saudi Arabia is doing its best to diversify its economy away from oil and gas and this is going on at a lightning pace. The government is giving a big amount of money to those investors and entrepreneurs to open a company in Saudi Arabia. The most popular industries this year are manufacturing, tourism, technology, cosmetics, and more. It does not matter what business field you select. The authorities will be supportive and encourage you to do business in Saudi Arabia.

    Safety and standard of living

    Saudi Arabia is one of the less dangerous places in the world. It offers a high standard of living to those interested in residing in this beautiful place. Besides, its high standards of education and healthcare make it one of the most desirable places to live. Ultimately, doing business in Saudi Arabia will allow you to relocate here and bring your family to live with you.