You should know that setting up a business is always a challenge, especially if you want to open a company outside your country. Many countries grant facilities regarding this matter and it is good that you are aware of this. For instance, Saudi Arabia. In this kingdom, one of the things that are most attractive to entrepreneurs is the business visa in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, you will see everything you need to know about the Saudi Arabia business visa. The first thing will be to teach you the obtaining process and all the important requirements. In addition, we will give you some tips that will lead you to success if you want to open a business in KSA. Migrating to Saudi Arabia for business reasons is simple, the important thing is to know what you have to do.

  1. Learn more about how to get a business visa in Saudi Arabia
  2. Some tips on how to start your own business in KSA
  3. By contacting Company Formation Saudi, you will have access to the best advisors to start a company in KSA

1. Learn more about how to get a business visa in Saudi Arabia

business visa saudi arabia

It is important that people who want to apply for this visa take into account the different business visas in Saudi Arabia requirements. All the requirements to provide to the KSA immigration services to obtain this visa are detailed below:

  • You must have your original passport and it is valid for no less than six months. In addition, the passport must have at least two visa pages that are empty and in succession.
  • For the person to complete their application online and make the corresponding visa payment, they must log in to the official Enjaz website. On the other hand, non-US citizens will need to purchase health insurance from the KSA.
  • Non-US people who need insurance may have different options for insurance providers. These options will appear when processing your form on the Enjaz page.
  • Non-US citizens must have a copy of their green card or document confirming their legal residence in the US.
  • You must pay the corresponding business visa Saudi Arabia cost.

1.1 Additional documents

The applicant must provide all the documents mentioned below:

  • A letter of invitation from any company in the Saudi territory.
  • You will need to have an employment verification letter, issued by the applicant’s US employer. This letter should be addressed to the KSA embassy in Washington DC, where the applicant’s position is confirmed. In addition, the “business” appointment is confirmed as the purpose of the trip on behalf of the company.
  • The copy of the business registration of both the company in Saudi Arabia and the US.
  • Additional documents may be requested if the authorities deem it necessary.

1.2 Other methods to apply for a business visa in Saudi Arabia

There are other methods for people to apply for their business visas. Below are the other possible ways to apply for this visa:

  • You can apply in person at the KSA embassy.
  • Sending mail to the embassy in Washington DC.
  • You can carry out this process through travel agencies that are authorized by the embassy.

2. Some tips on how to start your own business in KSA

business visa saudi arabia

If you want to start a business in Saudi Arabia; the first thing will always be to do a thorough investigation of all the documents, you need. In addition, you must look for the process that you must follow and what this country offers you that the others do not. For instance, the business visa for Saudi Arabia.

In this section, you will see what you need to know to open your business in KSA as a foreigner or citizen.

2.1 Market study

The first thing will always be to investigate which are the most profitable businesses in Saudi Arabia. Thus, you can open your business with one of those missions and you have a better guarantee of success.

2.2 Know the necessary documents and procedures

In KSA, they ask you for different documents that you must have. For instance, the business visa in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the processes that you have to follow and the entities to which you must go. Next, you will see the steps you must follow to open your company in KSA.

  • Stage 1, acquire a business license or business registration.
  • Stage 2, obtain all documentation from the memorandum association.
  • The third stage consists of obtaining the commercial registry.
  • Step 4, get all open files
  • Stage 5, the process of acquiring a business visa in Saudi Arabia begins.

2.3 Know the prohibitions

Knowing what you should not do is equally or more important than knowing what you have to do when you want to open a business in another country. In Saudi Arabia, there are some sectors in which foreigners are not allowed to invest. Among them, are all the processes that involve the oil sector and the field of goods and services that are destined for the armed forces. You can also mention the field of hunting and fishing of marine resources.

3. By contacting Company Formation Saudi, you will have access to the best advisors to start a company in KSA

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