Saudi Arabia New 3 Months Temporary Work Visa

work visa Saudi Arabia

  Working in the Middle East is a very attractive possibility for people from all over the world. Therefore, obtaining a work visa Saudi Arabia is a must if you are looking for employment in the area. As a result, to expedite processes, the government is implementing a new short term work visa Saudi Arabia. […]

New Rules for Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa 2023

Saudi visit visa

Previously, due to the pandemic in Saudi Arabia, it was decided to implement certain restrictions regarding travel. In 2023 it was decided to withdraw these restrictions. Also, thinking of meeting the KSA Vision 2030 target of increasing the tourism sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product by 10%; A variety of new options for obtaining […]

All you need to know about Saudi Arabia E-visa 2023

e visa saudi arabia

The government of Saudi Arabia implemented a new reform in September 2019; to achieve the goal of the Saudi vision of 2030. This consists of the e-visa Saudi Arabia or electronic visa program. This program was created to promote tourism in the nation; welcoming tourists from all over the world to experience the wonders of […]

All you need to know about Business Visa in 2023

business visa saudi arabia

You should know that setting up a business is always a challenge, especially if you want to open a company outside your country. Many countries grant facilities regarding this matter and it is good that you are aware of this. For instance, Saudi Arabia. In this kingdom, one of the things that are most attractive […]

All you need to know about Iqama renewal in 2023

new rules for iqama renewal

Currently, the government of Saudi Arabia has made some changes related to Saudi labor law. The most emblematic is that the cabinet approved the new rules for Iqama renewal. All this is due to the arrival of COVID-19 in the world, which has resulted in different changes to adapt to the new situation. It is […]