Every year more foreigners want to relocate to Saudi Arabia. As a result, many ex-pats have settled in the country. In addition, those who have already moved can bring their family members through the residence visa for family. However, there are certain requirements applicants must meet for the right type of visa. If you are interested in this type of visa there are a few things you need to know such as your profession, family members you can bring, minimum income, etc.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the residence visa for a family in Saudi Arabia. Let us see:

  1. What is a residence visa for a family?
  2. What are the requirements for a residence visa for a family in Saudi Arabia?
  3. Professions that Saudi residents can apply for family visas
  4. What are the required documents to file when applying for a Saudi family visa?
  5. How can we help you get more information about the residence visa for families in Saudi Arabia?

1. What is a residence visa for a family?

residence visa for family

A family visa is a document that allows a legal resident to ask the government for permission so that their relatives can one day apply for residency. However, it is not a work permit, nor a permanent residence. It is only a part of the residency process

It is crucial to stand out that there are two types of immigrant visas for family ties. Let us see:

  • Immediate family. These visas are based on a close family relationship, such as spouse, children, or parents. On the other hand, the number of immigrants in these categories is not limited to each fiscal year.
  • Family preference. These visas are for more specific distant family relationships, and some specific family relationships with lawful permanent residents. However, the number of immigrants in these categories is limited each fiscal year.

Keep in mind that residents may file petitions on behalf of their:

  • Spouse.
  • Son or daughter.
  • Father or mother.
  • Brother or sister.

Legal permanent residents in Saudi Arabia may file immigrant visa petitions on behalf of their:

  • Spouse.
  • Son or daughter who has not contracted marriage.

2. What are the requirements for a residence visa for a family in Saudi Arabia?

It is crucial to highlight that the residence visa for a family can be issued only to certain foreign citizens who want to bring their close relatives to Saudi Arabia. Hence, the applicants must meet certain requirements such as:

  • They must live in Saudi Arabia for at least 3 months at the time of the application.
  • It is fundamental to have suitable jobs or professions.
  • A minimum income is mandatory to apply for the visa.

Nevertheless, this procedure is subject to other criteria as well such as the payment of the fees. In addition, not all family members can join applicants in Saudi Arabia. Thus, it is relevant to take into consideration these types of factors before hiring a visa service.

3. Professions that Saudi residents can apply for family visas

residence visa for family

As you may know, a legal resident must have a specific job or profession under which he or she can apply for a Saudi family visa. Nevertheless, in case you are interested, you do not have to worry since the list is quite extensive and contains no less than 200 professions.

Among the qualified persons who can apply for family reunification from Saudi Arabia are:

3.1 Petroleum engineer

Since Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil in the world, it is a paradise for petroleum engineers. It is one of the most high-paid jobs in the country with an average salary of 300,000/annum.

Likewise, the oil and gas sectors account for about 50 percent of gross domestic product, and about 70 percent of export earnings.

3.2 Specialist doctor

All clinics and hospitals in this country strive to have the best doctors and specialists within their professional staff, who receive excellent remuneration. As a result, specialist ex-pat doctors are in high demand in Saudi Arabia, and the average salary is around 350,000/annum.

For a foreign professional in medicine to practice the profession in this nation, they must meet certain requirements. However, due to the lack of many specialists within the nation, special visa programs have been made for doctors in the most required specialties.

Likewise, whether they are hospitals or clinics, they characterize by having the best and most modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases. As we mentioned earlier, the health professionals who are most likely to be hired are from specialties of medicine that are in short supply in this nation.

These are the most required specialists:

  • Plastic surgeons.
  • Cardiologists.
  • Oncologists.
  • Dermatologists.
  • Ophthalmologists.
  • Neurologists.
  • Neurosurgeons.
  • New media specialist.
  • PR specialist.

3.3 Banking and finance

In case you did not know, Saudi Arabia has the second-largest banking industry in the GCC region by total accounts and assets for 29% of the GCC’s total banking assets. As a result, those who work in the finance and banking sector can get high salaries in Saudi Arabia. Employers or executives in the banking sector have a salary of around SR 500,000 per annum.

The banking system in Saudi Arabia is made up of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA, which is the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia). In addition, it includes retail banks, private investment programs, specialized credit institutions, and the stock market.   

To sum up, Saudi Arabia has a well-developed banking system with about 24 banks in Saudi Arabia, of which 12 are local Saudi banks and 12 are branches of foreign banks. The retail banking market of Saudi Arabia has shown strong growth. Consequently, revenue increased by 8.5% to SAR 39 billion, representing 45% of total banking revenue, supported by strong demand for consumer loans and credit cards.

Retail banking profits increased by 25% to SAR 16.74 billion, accounting for 37% of bank profits. As a result, the sector has witnessed a significant variation in terms of bank performance, partly driven by population expansion, and personal loan products.

3.4 IT professionals

Digital transformation is the priority of today’s organizations. As a result, it has produced a great demand for professionals in the field of technology. IT professionals are a current and future need. Indeed, they are related to information security, cybersecurity, networks, the internet of things, business intelligence, software development, machine learning, etc.

Professionals in this area are developers/programmers, many from technical courses or degrees, such as computer science and systems analysis. Indeed, according to human resources analysts, there is a greater demand than supply for professionals, so the good professional gets a job quickly.

For instance, to cope with so much demand, app makers must hire developers specialized in the field. The function of these professionals is to program mobile applications. The IT professional, by becoming a key element in the execution of business strategies, has to know how to translate their knowledge and technical language into a more digestible one

Likewise, even when the country is doing poorly, innovative technology companies find a way to keep growing and hiring. Therefore, in this sector, there is a great tendency to determine the value of human talent by the technical knowledge and certifications it possesses. In other words, IT areas have become fundamental elements in business strategies and the services it offers.

3.5 Marketing managers

This position forces the person who occupies it to follow closely the market trends, demand, and profitability of your company to find favorable business opportunities. Therefore, having a marketing manager means having an expert in the market towards which the company’s products or services are directed.

Hence, people who work in the marketing management universe need a wide range of skills. The reason: they often occupy different roles and supervise many different activities.  The tasks of a marketing manager are usually diverse; Copywriting, SEO, paid ads, strategy planning, data reports, etc.

For example, some organizations have divisions within marketing departments with managers more specialized in different types of marketing (such as an SEO content marketing manager, digital marketing manager, or social media marketing manager). However, in many cases the marketing manager has a multifaceted role, overseeing a small team or independent contractors.

Instead of being responsible for one type of marketing, marketing managers often look at the big picture and work with different channels, projects, and skill sets, while maintaining a balance between different business goals. To sum up, marketing management is more than directing content creation.

3.6 Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers are the brains behind the design, development, and testing processes of electronic systems and equipment. Therefore, they are responsible for humanity having devices such as GPS, antennas, etc.

In this case, Saudi Arabia seeks to develop new industries to wean its economy off oil. It plans to invest in renewable energy facilities and factories to make components for solar and wind farms. Indeed, the country wants to use more natural gas and renewable energy to free up an estimated 600,000 barrels of crude that are burned each day to generate power.

Lastly, the Ministry of Energy of the Arab country prequalified 60 companies to bid for 12 renewable energy projects. As a result. Qualified electrical engineers are in high demand in this country. Their average salary is around SR 350,000 depending on the size of the company.

3.7 HR managers

Finally, yet importantly, HR management is one of the highest-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia with an average salary of SR 360,000 to SR 750,000 depending on the size of the company. In this position, HR managers must ensure that perfect recruitment, obligations on a contract basis, training and motivation, proper planning, and handling of employee welfare. In addition, their grievances are handled in every department of human resource management.

  • Print media specialist.
  • Social media specialist.
  • Social media influencer.
  • Web developer.
  • Web designer.
  • Writer.
  • Web, mobile, software development, and architecture freelancer.
  • Data science and analytics freelancer.

4. What are the required documents to file when applying for a Saudi family visa?

There are several documents you have to provide when applying for a Saudi residence visa for your family. Let us see:

  • Valid passport of the applicant, which must have a validity of at least 6 months.
  • Three photographs of good quality.
  • Application form and declaration form
  • The applicant must provide a residency visa
  • Birth certificate of applicant’s children and marriage certificate

It is crucial to stand out that depending on the country of origin of the family members, other documents might be requested. If you want to apply for a family visa in Saudi Arabia, you can contact our local advisors, which are at your service.

5. How can we help you get more information about the residence visa for families in Saudi Arabia?

The process of getting a residence visa for a family in Saudi Arabia can be quite complex. Fortunately, in Company Formation Saudi, we provide one of the best visa services in the market. With our 20 years of experience, we guarantee to make the process easier and easier for you, hence, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, we offer an array of services such as:

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